A dark office building (dreams)

I woke up early today with only three hours sleep, so eventually after 4am I crawl back in bed and fall asleep for about 40 minutes. That is when I started dreaming.

Inside Look | DeLegge Funeral Home | Schenectady NY funeral home and  cremation

I was in a weird old office building, but it was homier than that. There were rooms with little couches, tv areas, etc. I found it both weirdly comfortable and yet it bothered me a lot.

I knew my dad was off asleep or something, but I was looking for my mom. There were a lot of doors and a lot of different cubby areas but I couldn’t find her. That plus all the doors were locked with those tiny twist locks in old houses and I could only get past a few.

Eventually I found my sister sitting in a dark room, she was muttering to herself and wasn’t very talkative or friendly with me.

We have had some tense years before my parents passed, and the intervening years haven’t been better in real life.

We sat and talked for awhile, we talked about mom and my sister was angry with her, and me. I don’t remember anymore what we talked about, but I got worried about her. She was acting differently then normal. For some reason though she got up and left saying she would be back. I was uncomfortable in and I left the weird office room with a tv and a couch and went looking for mom.

I came across two younger women (early 20s) who were both alternatively dressed and plainly up to no good. One was darker haired (not brown, not black, but my color blindness didn’t let me identify the color) while the other was super gold blond haired. Both had tattoos, piercings and I knew they should have scared me, but they didn’t.

They flirted with me and I sort of ignored them as I looked around, but they tailed me. Part of me was wondering if they were fey or something, the shadows around them didn’t move quite right, but I didn’t feel I was necessarily in danger so I ignored it and talked to them halfheartedly. The conversation though was a very long one that encompassed what seemed like hours in the dream.

I think I surprised them that I didn’t try to hit on them and while I was obviously busy with doing something I found I wanted to know more about them. That seemed to throw them off, they kept glancing at each other unsure what to do. The gold haired girl whispered something to the darker girl and they both nodded and their demeanors changed and they were easier to be around. The shadows didn’t seem so wrong, and I think we talked for real at this time about things.

We ended up in another room with a larger couch in the dark, an old school 19 or 21 inch tv (CRT) sitting on the shelf. That is when both of them started trying to mess with me under my skirt. I wasn’t too sure about the situation but I let them do what they were wanting to do to me, I think they were pleased I still had a penis, but I was very awkwardly uncomfortable explaining they had to be gentle, and that if it bleeds that is normal. That was super uncomfortable.

Also something I suspect in real life is going to be an awkward conversation each time.

Both of them didn’t seem at all bothered by it, and definitely not as bothered as I was and they played with me. I had this weird thought that in the beginning I should have been scared of them, but that was never true and it had shifted them in the dream somehow.

Time segued to a little later, and I found myself disassociated but coming back to myself. I looked over and found the darker hair girl still talking to me, but I was overcome with worry about my sister and mom. I got up and made my way to another part of the place and found myself in the lobby of the building where I found I couldn’t get back into any of the other rooms, the door locks were less like old school turn keys (in old houses) and were modern day locks on lobby doors to stop people from entering.

I was getting frustrated when I turned and found a shorter bald fellow standing there. He reminded me of one of my managers at the one CPA firm I worked for, but older and balding. He asked me if I had found what I was looking for, and I mentioned I was looking for my sister and mom.

He cocked his head at me and watched me closely. He asked me where was my father, and I felt a little sad and told him my dad was dead. He then asked how my mom was again and the first words out of my mouth was, that she was dead too and then the memories of their being gone sort of came over me for a second.

I felt a little panic looking around, worrying about my sister when I realized it wasn’t a house, or even a weird office building, it was a funeral home/mortuary and I had somehow gotten back to where the dead are kept and the little corners and cubicles that family members spend time during a funeral ceremony.

I knew instantly my mom had been dead a long time, along with my dad. The two girls were something else, but that didn’t scare me. When I realized my sister was somewhere back there is when I actually became scared.

Then I woke up with a panic attack.

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