This is why sometimes I just use Amazon

I have finally reached the point that I can go through my parents keepsakes. Not that there are many left, my siblings having sold, broken or stolen all they could get. I do have a few things that have sat in a closet for years now, with too much emotion hanging over them I had left them abandoned until I started feeling better lately, and I finally felt like organizing them.

I have been scanning the pictures and articles they kept, and I have a lot of poetry/letters written by my father, and by a lot of Vietnam vets, all of which have already passed onto time. What I didn’t know what to do with was the little knick knacks that were left me. Errant t-shirts, necklaces, postcards, all small things my parents had kept over the years and had made their way to me.

I had recently framed a few photos I had taken and found I had become an adult at some point, preferring to have nicely framed photos over things tacked to the wall. It dawned on me that maybe I should try shadow boxes for those little momentoes. So I set up a small shadow box and found I really liked the way it looked. The little shadowboxes I had would work for some of the items, but I had some larger items that wouldn’t fit, so I started looking for bigger ones.

So today I looked at Amazon and felt that maybe I shouldn’t contribute to Jeff Bezos power over the world, at least today, and decided instead I would order from the local Michaels. Unfortunately we don’t have a local owned store, but I figured a local Michaels was close enough.

I normally would have it shipped to me, but I had my upcoming trip coming up so I couldn’t plan on timing. I then considered going to Michaels in person, sometimes you can get some good deals in person, but I decided that wouldn’t work because I just had surgery three days ago and my face is still leaking fluids from the burn/healing process. I did notice however that Michaels had a same-day delivery service.

Lately we have had really good luck with same day delivery with Fred Meyers, gone is the need to wander in Fred Meyers, get stared at by MAGA mouth breathers and either harassed for being transgendered or leered at because I have big tits (especially leered at because I was trans). However the deliveries by insta-cart have worked well and the increased delivery fee isn’t any more than the cost of gas and time of going myself.

So I ordered two larger shadow boxes with same day delivery. With my coupons worth Michaels dollars I was able to offset the taxes and the delivery fee and thought that it was a good idea. It wasn’t…

Turns out it was Door Dash, a company I have never had good interaction with, that would deliver it. I should have known it would go poorly when the first thing that happened was I got an email saying they had cancelled the “same day delivery service”

So we decided to not pay too much attention because I figured I would get it sent by regular shipping in the next few days… that is until I got a text and a voicemail at 845pm at night. It was Door Dash saying they had left it at the address number, but wasn’t given an apartment for the 200+ unit complex. Sadly I know that is a lie because I am staring at the delivery order and the apartment number is clearly there.

The first thing I did was try and contact Door Dash, no response which was weird. It wasn’t even 9pm on Saturday and didn’t Door Dash deliver food as well, meaning this would be busy time for a delivery service. Even so though, there were no contacts made with Door Dash, so I tried the specific Michaels store.

The. customer service person was of no use at all. All she would say is that Door Dash is responsible and I need to contact Door Dash for any refunds or concerns. I explained I didn’t even know Door Dash was involved when I ordered and that Door Dash didn’t get the order from me, they didn’t get paid by me and I wanted to talk to someone there about the situation. Eventually I had to pull a Karen and ask for the manager.

The Manager was nicer, but similar response was “it is something we have to go to Door Dash about”, however after I explained the situation and that I paid Michaels, not Door Dash she seemed to get it. I think she read between the lines that if I had my card refund that transaction it would be Michaels that pays not Door Dash. Still, I was surprised when she agreed she will find out what is going on. We talked a bit more and she stated that I would have to wait until tomorrow (annoying but I understand). I finally got confirmation though that she would take care of contacting Door Dash and figuring out what happened, all for two shadowboxes.

The next day (today) the Michaels store called and had me call Michaels corporate. An hour later they are going to credit my card and I will just order from Amazon…

A very minor annoyance, but one that left me wishing I just had given Jeff Bezos a few more dollars in the first place because in this case trying to shop local wasn’t worth the headache.

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