About Me

I am a late 40s newly come out trans*girl. I am married to the most spectacular transguy for the last 26+ years and I am incredibly fortunate to have him. He has been with me when we both appeared a cisgendered couple (him, female bodied and myself male bodied) since I was a late teen. 

I enjoy writing, reading, making art when I remember, playing video games and making videos. I have two youtube channels that is something I would like to grow, but I realize it probably will never be a breakout.

This blog started as my “coming out/trans*life” blog, but after a few posts I decided to just hang my personal life here fully. This is my life, this isn’t a cool review blog, or anything specific, except for the fact I am transgender and will have that as probably one of the things tying these different events together.

Other then my personal blog posts I will share my photography, my art, my gaming and just all the stuff about me, except my reviews. You can find all of those at http://www.redbandstation.com.

There will be hopefully some serious and good stuff here, but undoubtably there will be a lot of noise and personal wanderings as well. I hope you can enjoy reading it as much as I do writing and living it.

Oh, and I have recently decided to edit and upload my old blog posts here as well, they will be added as they are done. There won’t be any new postings about it, so they probably won’t appear on the feed. However, as I finish up each year (starting with 2002) I will do a small update post that I will later delete.