St. Luke’s Memorial Episcopal Church (gallery)

Name: St. Luke's Memorial Episcopal Church (Anglican)  Religion: Liberty, Washington Location: Tacoma, Washington Date Church Opened: 1883 CE Website: Date Photo Taken: May 19, 2020 Camera Used: Panasonic Lumix F1000 The husband and I went on a small walk from our house and found this almost in our back yard. It is a pretty … Continue reading St. Luke’s Memorial Episcopal Church (gallery)

Liberty, WA “Ghost Town” (gallery)

Type: Ghost Town/Abandoned location Location: Liberty, Washington Date: September 9, 2017 We ended up driving through Liberty, WA on our way home from Leavenworth and stopped. I had read it was a ghost town, and there are some remnants of buildings. However, it looks like a lot of the buildings I had seen pictures of … Continue reading Liberty, WA “Ghost Town” (gallery)

Officially Published!

The book that Wolsey and I were writing called "Accidentally Gay: The True Love Story When a Wife Becomes a Husband" is finished and has been fully published. We are excited by it!!! So here is the official press briefing: AGPRFinal.pdf Here are some links to electronic distribution, hardcopies are being printed as we speak … Continue reading Officially Published!

Recovering Faded Photos (photoshop)

First let us make it clear at the time of this I am not a photoshop expert. I learn by showing others, so this is my inaugural photoshop trick/lesson. This time we are going to be trying to recover an old faded photo (misnomer, it is actually compacted, but faded is what everyone catches innately). … Continue reading Recovering Faded Photos (photoshop)

Taking it Easy, shadowrun group (artwork, sketch, 1991)

Wraith, Spook, and a bunch of characters I don't remember, Pencil Sketch 1991 - Shadowrun At that time in 1991 this was actually one of my favorite pictures. In it is our shadowrun group. On the left is Wraith, my combat decker. Beside her is Spook, an asian cat burgler.. sort of (it's hard to … Continue reading Taking it Easy, shadowrun group (artwork, sketch, 1991)

Wraith, combat decker (artwork, sketch, 1991)

Wraith, Combat Decker (before they were a thing) Pencil Sketch 1991 - Shadowrun Wraith was my first female pc. I had run as a GM several female NPCs and they had always been my favorite to fall back on. Once I ran Wraith as a player I never really went back for male characters. After … Continue reading Wraith, combat decker (artwork, sketch, 1991)

Rage (artwork, sketch, 1991)

RAGE, Summoning Shaman, Shadowrun 2nd Edition Rage was a 2nd edition Shadowrun character, a summoning adept that I had for a short time in a game hubby was running. It is horrible, and I admit it, but like I said I want to post the things I did in the past. Her chest sucks (and … Continue reading Rage (artwork, sketch, 1991)

Berek Halfhand, (artwork, sketch, 1986)

Pencil Sketch 1986 - AD&D Character Berek Halfhand, a half elven ranger from a First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I drew it when I was 15, so that would make this 1986. Sadly the art pad got pretty damaged and I couldn't do much to save it (well I guess there is always photoshop). … Continue reading Berek Halfhand, (artwork, sketch, 1986)

DAZ3D Lesson 1 – Guided Tour I: Getting Started

I finished the first tutorial inside DAZ3D. It is the Guided Tours - Getting Started tutorial. Basically it was walking me through the steps, how to manipulate buttons and getting started. The one thing I wasn't prepared for was how long the render time for the most simple scene. If I get serious, I am … Continue reading DAZ3D Lesson 1 – Guided Tour I: Getting Started