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Work Freakout

I know I haven’t posted in a long time. Work has been busy, difficult and honestly when I am off work I really don’t want to do anything. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good job overall. The pay and benefits are good, but the culture/staffing is proving difficult.

My team works as basically individuals. We each are assigned our own funds, and while you assume our jobs would be the same, they aren’t. Each fund has different requirements, different personalities to appease and sometimes completely different duties.

When I got hired I was given what they called the “brown eyed” fund. It’s solid waste, which is a fairly large fund. It is also the only customer service fund where our money doesn’t come from government sources, like taxes or fees. Rather it’s the actually charges for Solid Waste dumping.

Now, there are the normal personality differences, but honestly everyone I work with in the fund is pretty cool. However, my coworkers, while being very nice have lacked one big thing… training.

To just give you a little overview, I was an auditor for almost five years (and an auditor who audited this place for three, which is why they knew me, liked me and hired me). However, contrary to what everyone believes, auditors are not accountants. My job then was completely different. I knew how to rip apart and find what they are doing wrong. That is a lot different then knowing how to build it up.

My employer knows this. I was completely honest during the interview and said I knew nothing of accounting other than what I learned in school and auditing. Considering two of the higher ranked people in my department are ex-auditors as well they said they understood.

However, starting from day one of getting hired I have received almost zero training. On a few things I was shown once how to do it, but considering some of it is complicated and only done once a month, when it came around again I really had no idea what I was doing.

To top of off, there were several territoriality disputes and I was told not to ask the prior people who ran the fund any questions, rather I was to ask a backup that was assigned to me. She is experienced but not in the fund (and like I said, funds are incredibly different). Unfortunately she hasn’t had the “time” to really train me either.

So here I am eight months later, I have gotten through end of year financial statements and am barely staying afloat. Still no training and while there are some things I am really good at, there are some things I just sort of push through trying to follow what they did in the prior year.

Now, just to give you another view of what is going on, that is just one fund issue. I was assigned three funds and to aid in helping two other governmental entities as well, so its not like I got a slow build up.

So while I know I am in no danger, part of my mind is screaming in panic that I am going to get canned. Add to this I have been out sick a week due to kidney stones and I may not be able to use my available vacation days due to some weird rule on how to use vacation.

The reason for this super long post is to get people a rough idea of my stresses, this way I can now focus on my issues in detail. Thanks for starting on the road to listening to m y issues.

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New Apartment

Well yesterday we signed the lease to the new apartment (I am dropping it off today). It is a pretty cool apartment. It was built in 2004 and it looks like it was originally meant to be a condo.

It’s 870 square feet, one bedroom and a large “alcove” that is basically a second bedroom. The living room is large (it may be as large or larger than our old apartment). It is within two blocks of work, within walking of several restaurants, library, Irish pub.

It is by far the newest and nicest apartment we have ever lived in (and only a bit more expensive than that roach motel we lived in on Beacon Hill). They have no problem with cats, its a secured building and it seems to be in great condition.

We are scheduled to have movers come over and move our stuff in on April 6th (the first Saturday of the month, we technically have the apartment from April 1st). We are getting ready to contact our current slum lord (did I forget to mention they found nothing in our apartment, but evidently the one below us is roach heaven) and tell him we are leaving.

We were originally going to play it hard-ass style, with all the gang activity outside, roaches, people attempting to commit suicide of the balcony (Christmas Eve) and tell him we were moving. However, upon thinking about it. I think I will explain my new job requires me to move and if he hesitates bring up those points above. We are willing to pay through May even to satisfy any out of pocket expenses the landlord will have (we will be out of here April 14th at the latest, leaving them with a paid for apartment for six weeks).

We will see how this goes. I will post photos when we move. I had taken some of the apartment when we looked at it, but I feel funny posting images of an apartment that has someone else’s property in it (it is still occupied until the 24th).

Oh, is it sad that I am excited for our first washer/dryer in six years?

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Surreal morning

Not a good site in the morning. A dead body under a tarp on Airport Road in front of Home Depot.

It’s funny how you notice things, like I noticed his large dirty tennis shoes and jeans poking out from under the tarp while cops cordon off the street.

No idea if it was someone hit by a car, but there was a pickup pulled over in middle of the road.

Wonder if he was a pedestrian hit by the truck or the driver of the truck.

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Condo Blues… or Not!

The wife and I have been talking. The condo we wanted has fallen through (too many delinquent condos in that HoA). We discussed our future options and have noticed there are no condos in areas we want to live.

We are going to stop hunting for condos, we will then turn around and take a portion of our downpayment savings and pay off some cards. Maybe I will even buy my wife something cool.

I have a small rant about this, I will probably do that this week 🙂

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My Wife is Wonderful!

My wife is once again wonderful… I don’t think I tell people that enough.

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Day One

Day One:

First two condos looked at. The location is awesome, about 10 blocks away from where we are now. Right next to a QFC, a pub, and a strip mall with a bunch of shops I would go to.

The first condo in the ‘plex wasn’t too bad. A little dated and the living room is a little weird, but it was solid and even dated definitely useable. Its close to the upper end of what we want to spend so we are not sure, we will look at several others and it may take months for us to decide for it.

The second condo in the same place was about 15% more expensive then the first (right at our upper edge), they advertised it bigger but it seemed much smaller. The smell was horrific and the bathrooms/kitchen really subpar. A definite no.

So we put the first in the “possible” option. Our realtor is being pretty cool (and I have to say I think my initial observation about him might have been wrong, I think he was trying to warn us about the bank process). He is going to look at some in Everett for us as well. He thinks there is more bang for our buck. Considering I work in Everett the location wouldn’t be bad (I could walk/bus to work and the wife could take the car).

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Geek Girl Con 2012

I went to my second ever con this weekend, Geek Girl Con 2012 was a great experience. I decided to go back to my video blogging, so here it is:


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Well it has been awhile, and the last week has been incredibly busy. We moved, went to GeekGirlCon and by now I am exhausted. I am doing some rearranging of my blogging. I am going to keept his ( my main site for personal posts. I will keep as my gaming/Let’s Play items. I will eventually have a separate review site and most importantly I have a place for my writings coming up.

I have done a lot of thinking since GeekGirlCon, a lot of things I think I am going to change (or try to). It will be a large endevour, and one I will post about in the future (sometime tomorrow or maybe friday). I am going to try and go back to vlogging (which is why I have the Carnegie video attached). I will talk more about that later.

Oh, for now, here is Carnegie: 

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Miracle medical journey… or how I feel like I was kicked in the balls

One of the items about my wife and I’s relationship change is the possibility of children with another partner (from me, not her). I do not want children at all. I am turning 41 soon and I don’t want to be 60 or older going to my child’s graduation. My wife’s health and family pressures right now wouldn’t handle a child to the mix. Since this is an actual worry if I hooked up with someone else I felt I have a responsibility to ensure there are no accidents. So after talking for awhile I decided my most logical option is to get fixed.

So about two months ago I set up an appointment with Group Health to get fixed. It would require an initial appointment with the surgeon, then the actual date of the surgery. Of course, contrary to what people say about American healthcare, I had to wait almost two months to see someone. Eventually I was able to see my doctor, for sake of this journal let’s call her Doctor S.

The wife and I both went to this appointment (her feedback for this and opinion matter just as much as mine). We sat with Doctor S for about twenty minutes. Doctor S seemed unsure about giving me the procedure, especially since I don’t have kids. She kept pushing the fact that I might want children later. I in turn pushed back that I am almost 41 years old and I am happy not having kids. I haven’t felt any regret about children at all. Finally the wife convinced the Doctor to stop pushing for no-vasectomy. She did this by explaining to the doctor that the wife couldn’t afford to get accidently pregnant due to her medical condition. It is partially true, a hormone fluctuation like that could be devastating to the wife, of course she left out the part that she has been fixed since she was 22.

Once the doctor agreed to do the procedure, they set me up for the actual operation. It was three and a half weeks later (which was last Thursday). I have been a little stressed about this for several reasons, mostly the idea of a knife and my testicles doesn’t go well for me.

The day of the procedure I found I had put the wrong time of the appointment down. The wife and I ended up at the Group Health facility at 9am only to discover my appointment was at 2:30pm. I had already taken the valium (and was a little loopy). The office was nice, prescribed me a second valium for when I came back in and we went home. I should note here the wife was awesome. She drove me there and back and she hates driving. I felt so bad that she had done that.

We got the script, and waited around until Torie showed up (she was going to come over after the original procedure to be there for us). She ended up being here before the actual procedure and she agreed to take us down (the wife hates driving and after taking a second valium I was way too loopy).

We drove down and I was brought in fairly quickly. There was a medical assistant that I will name J. J took me back into my room. She was probably the most unfriendly of all MA’s I have met before. She really didn’t have much small talk and sort of ignored me. She had me climb on the table while Doc S came in the room. J disappeared for most of the procedure.

Now, they said there would be just mild discomfort. You know what…. THEY LIED!!!!. S gave me the lidocaine and I suspect she didn’t wait long enough. There wasn’t any actual pain as if she was cutting me open, but she ranked my balls harder then I have never had happen before. I thought I was going to cry. I could feel her cauterizing the tubes (it was a bizarre pressure, not actual pain, but the longer she kept the cauterizing on the more it was uncomfortable).

By the time she ended the procedure on my left testicle, I was really wondering if this was a mistake. She began on the right testicle, and there was very very little discomfort. This is why I suspect she didn’t wait long enough on the first testicle. The second one was mildly uncomfortable, but nothing bad.

S wrapped up. I watched as she took the tubing from inside my testicle and put it in sample jars. I hadn’t realized that the vas deferens (see wiki link here: looks like rice a roni. It was strange, and just underlines how our bodies are machinery. I guess they keep the vas deferens to prove that they actually did it. I suppose its to protect them against lawsuits if they grow back.

S smiled at me (she had been warmer during the procedure then during our first visit) and said that J would be in to help clean me up. Mainly all of the iodine that had been used had coated my crotch (there was actually very little blood). So S left and J came in. All J did was toss some towels at me and drop off my script. She then rushed me out of the procedure room (I only had about a minute to try and wipe myself down).

I then limped my way out the procedure room, by myself to my waiting wife and Torie. The wife was wondering why the hell the nurse/MA hadn’t escorted me out as I was having trouble walking.

They then got me home (after a quick Dairy Queen stop) and I have spent the rest of the weekend moving around slowly. I am feeling fairly good and I have no regret for this procedure. I just wish that the medical group was more compassionate.

At least within the next couple of months, if something unexpected happens, I won’t have to worry about pregnancy (just STI’s).

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Rough Morning

Well this is it, I am getting ready to go get snipped and am a little nervous. I have had a ton of people give me good advice so I am not worried about the future. The morning has also been rough though because I can’t get my old LJ to export correctly, so I am now going to go back through my entire 10 years of LJ, selectively pick posts and move them manually over. I am not sure if the new LJ/Dreamwidth codes broke the older exporters or not, but not a big deal either way. I guess this way I can get rid of all the stupid quiz crap 🙂

We also got our first bill from Verizon, of course there is $100 extra in connection fees and they didn’t yet give me the discount for my employer yet (and they wont back credit me when it does go through). So the bill was close to $300. Then of course this morning I get a bill from Sprint for $800, for the ETF and for almost $150 in local charges/taxes/ and misc fees. I really fucking hate Sprint.

Even though this makes me cry, the new phone service is 100 times better and now I am not worried that if my mother goes to the hospital, or my wife has an emergency, that they wont be able to get through to me.

Crap, better get ready to go to Bellevue now 🙂