Rough day (transphobia)

Yesterday was harder than normal, and represents the third day in about a week of hostile encounters. I realize this is the new normal, but I figured I would share them. The day started with me going to Safeway to pick up some paper bowls. I was wandering the paper bowl/plate aisle when two older … Continue reading Rough day (transphobia)

Upgrade of HRT regimen

Things are looking up. After a pretty horrible experience with my previous provider, who told me the hormones won't do me much good anymore... I talked with my therapist and husband (two different people) and we went to a different doctor, a trans specialist. He saw me, totally reassured me that I am far from … Continue reading Upgrade of HRT regimen

Insomnia, Anxiety and Sleeplessness

I can't tell you why I was awake at 12:30am specifically. I am anxious, tired, pacing the living room trying not to wake my hubby. Of course today I have to audit an agency so it isn't like I can just veg out in my office at work. I don't think its the audit itself … Continue reading Insomnia, Anxiety and Sleeplessness