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9/11 Unpopular Opinion

Lovely husband's magic egg!
Lovely husband’s magic egg!

Oh dear god I am going to get bombarded with “Never forget” posts. I hate these posts for one reason, certain groups bang the drums to this shouting how we are in danger and the evil of Muslims. That we should reduce our freedoms and invade other countries in the name of security.

Don’t get me wrong, it was horrible that approximately 3,000 people died, but our stupid “never forget” backlash got us into a war in Iraq, lost our freedoms and soared the debt and deficit (notice I did agree with Afghanistan but our subsequent halting to attack Iraq doomed the good in Afghanistan).

We now live in an age of fear, not because of terrorism but because we choose fear and fake security over the ideals of free citizens. The terrorists won, not because they enslaved us, but because we allowed our fear to enslave ourselves.

Let’s put this into perspective. 3,000 poor souls died that day. However approximately 10,000 – 18,000 people die every year from drunk driving. Since the 9/11 attack if we are super conservative with the numbers,about 150,000 people have died from drunk driving. That is 50 times more than died on 9/11 (and that is HUGELY underestimating alcohol related deaths).

I am not saying it isn’t sad, but we need to focus on the here and now, not the fear mongering that the term “never forget” really means.

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The Hillbilly Moon Explosion – ‘My Love For Evermore’

I heard the song yesterday (and liked it a lot) and wasn’t familiar with Hillbilly Moon Explosion. The male voice was familiar and I couldn’t place where I had heard him before until I found the video and realized it is the lead singer from Demented Are Go, which the last time I think I heard anything from was “Pervy in the Park” in 1987/88.

Damn I am getting old, his voice got better over the decades (I like the gravely type voices, male or female). I guess old school Punk doesn’t really go away (well hillbilly punk at least).

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Welcome to Night Vale

Yesterday was date night. Jello and I went to go see Welcome to Night Vale live production at the Neptune. I put up a gallery of the few photos I took here: Welcome to Night Vale.

First I have to say that the show was awesome, it was absolutely worth the time, and of course I enjoyed being with Jello the most.

The date started at Panera’s (Jello’s favorite place to eat at the moment). We had dinner while we chatted about stuff. We then rolled into Seattle and went through the “find a parking spot” ordeal. Of course this wasn’t new to us, but it is always a headache.

The one thing I never understand about some people is their desire to take an hour to find free parking. Both Jello and I would rather pay for parking, know our car isn’t sitting on the street waiting to get side swiped and not have to worry about it.

We had thought we got there too early. Both of us are anxious about being late to things so we ended up about two hours early (the show was at 7, we got there by 5).

Actually we lucked out, we got into line fairly quickly and pretty close to the front, within 30 minutes (still 90 minutes before the show and 30 minutes before the doors opened) the line wrapped a full block down and around the corner. We knew it would be popular, but that was more than expected.

We got into the show and took a seat second row back. It was a little to the side, but honestly we had a great view. I won’t talk much about the show, I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who might want to get it from their store when its over, or if they are going to see it. I can say there are a couple of guests/actors from other shows that showed up for this one.

We got out about 8:30 and headed home. It was a nice drive home and we realized a few things.

  1. We loved going out. We definitely want to do more things like that.
  2. We will make sure to get to shows early from this point forward.
  3. Some people are rude in line and leave garbage on the sidewalk like little pigs.
  4. We are old, we don’t like to stay up to late so we will try and hit early showings of shows.
  5. It doesn’t matter what we do, we just enjoy being with each other.

Hopefully we will have a lot more date nights.


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Sad Weekend

I posted Marmalade’s last official post on Facebook last night. He passed away Friday night. It was quick and unexpected and he was found on his way to the food bowl and it appeared in no pain. We have never had human children, but our animals are our kids. I wanted to share it here because I am having a hard time with my own words.

I passed away today. I had a great life, with the two bestest dads ever (Jello and Lucky). I ate all I could, I slept on my humans and occasionally would run around. I got healthy, gained weight and lived years longer than I would have before my dads found me.

My bigger dad will hopefully update this with my pictures, he was supposed to do this months ago but was busy. I think he was going to do it now, but I think he is crying at the moment and can’t do it yet. I hope it wasn’t me that caused it.

I worry about the two of them. Right now they don’t have anyone to watch over them, so I will stick around for awhile and do it as much as possible. I think I especially will miss watching over “shower time”.

I had always meant to have dad update this and do more videos, but dad was always too busy working on his other things. That’s ok though, I love both of them anyways.

I will always be here watching over the shower time, dropping off kibble when they hurt, and I hope someday they will let more vigilant kitties in to their house. I am not the first, I won’t be the last, but I won’t ever be forgotten.


I am sorry if you folks are stuck with lots of marmalade pics/posts in the next few weeks.

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A Comparison of Cats

I have talked a lot about my cats to people, usually about how big they are. Today I got a picture of the husband holding Marmalade and was able to put it side by side with a pic of the hubby holding Orpheus (our previous cat) about 3 years ago.


It did confirm for me what I thought, Orpheus was as big (if not a little bigger) as a base body. He is fairly skinny in the picture, but he had been sick for months and we had to euthanize him later the day that picture was taken.

Then we have Marmalade. I don’t think he is much less in length (from head to tail) but he definitely isn’t as tall. However, Marmalade makes up for it in many ways, by being much broader in the chest (more like a tiger build), definitely more in the “I am fat and fabulous” way, he has to weight close to half again what Orpheus weighed. The other aspect that you won’t see in pictures, Marmalade is much nicer.

Orpheus loved me, he would let me manhandle him, play with him, carry him inappropriately. He would mostly let the hubby do it as well. However, he would eat anyone else’s face for even looking at him wrong (also, when he would chase the hubby down, Orpheus would knock him down by flying at the back of the hubby’s knees). Whereas Marmalade only wants to lay on you, if he wants something, he will patiently bump his head into you repeatedly or sit a few feet away with his back to you in disapproval.

I just wanted to share that with my friends and family. I do miss Orpheus, he would never have tolerated Marmalade, but he was a pretty great cat. However, Marmalade is such a sweetie, I wouldn’t get rid of him for anything.


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Blue Lives What?

freedmanstreetcops1First, I need to say I feel badly for the two cops executed and their families. That is a horrendous thing that should never have happened. Most cops are good, (although I won’t call a cop good if they are in the same department and don’t point a finger at the bad cops) and I assume these specific cops did not deserve it.

However, I see this trend on several social media sites were people (usually white middle class or above) are ranting that they “better see some protests now” for the cops, as if this is the same thing as what happened to Eric Garner or Mike Brown. I am sorry but your white privilege blinders are showing.

It is by no means the same thing. 

Cops have access to their own powers of law (arresting people, killing people, etc) but in addition to this they have the entire societal, court and government systems behind them. You can be guaranteed that any cop beat up, let alone killed will have the person accused of doing that indicted for a crime. The cops have the power, they not only have it, they ARE it.

The reason for the protests is because minorities do not have any recourse. They don’t have the power to arrest someone who victimized them, they don’t even have the power to stop from being victimized. They especially don’t have the ability to stop being victimized by those with power (aka COPS). A minority group member is unlikely to have the victimizer be indicted or charged, especially if that victimizer is a cop.

The idea of protesting is to underline that power imbalance and to protest it. It is to bring to the people in charge, that everyone else isn’t being treated “equal”. It is to protest the victimization of minorities who daily have to worry how someone in power (e.g. a cop) is going to treat them.

This is why there are no protests to underline the power imbalance for cops, because they are the power imbalance. Cops don’t need attention or support, they already can do what they want.

The whole switching #BlackLivesMatter to that stupid Blue Lives Matter (no I won’t actually hashtag it) just shows the complete misunderstanding that both the cops and the white media have of the situation.

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TBT- Halloween Game 2003 (11/1/2003)

TBT- Halloween Game 2003 (11/1/2003). One of the rare photos taken by Jello

I totally forgot to say, the people starting from left and going clockwise. Me (with the blueish hair and black shirt), Tim, Matt, my little brother Derek on left side of couch, Ben, then Lisa with the hair pulled back and finally back to lower left would be Weylin (back of his shaved head baby, oh ya).

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Day 4 Atlanta

Day 4 in Atlanta, a bit under the weather.

I really don’t have much to say about day 4. Classes went ok, and as I sit with both the instructors and fellow new hires I actually feel a lot more confident that I am more than capable for this job.

There is always doubt in my head just because of who I work for and what I do, but it is turning out I am actually better trained in some basics then a lot of the people in the Agency, and well enough rounded otherwise to put me on level higher then my fellow classmates.

When I got home all I did was hang around my room. I have a cold (which is worse today) and only got about 4 hours of sleep again. The weird thing is I have taken more pictures of myself in the last three days then in the year before that. I have always had  problems with how I look, but this seems to be helping with that.

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Day 5 Atlanta

This is me this morning with no caffeine. Beware when I am un-caffeinated. I wasn’t even in a bad mood.

Today was a quiet day as well. I was incredibly tired when I woke up (haven’t gotten even more normal sleep since I got here) and as evidenced by my picture evidently I was in a mood (although I didn’t feel mad).

After class I walked down to the local Rite Aid. As I was walking down the street I noticed what seemed to be a difference between Pacific NW and Atlanta. People don’t smile and nod to each other when they walk by. Not a single person did that on my mile and a half round trip acknowledged what would normally get a smile or nod back home.

Now, first of all I recognize I am a big ole white boy and my size intimidates people, but usually if I can catch their glance and smile at them I can see a smile come to them. It very well could have been that, but it surprised me a lot. I think the surprise was underlined by the extremely nice reaction I get to people inside buildings (hotels, restaurants, etc).

Also I was fortunate, a person who follows both this blog and the accidentally gay suggested two LGBT places to visit this weekend (I would mention his name, but I didn’t ask if that was ok). The places are Joe’s on Juniper’s and Cowtipper. I might go to the aquarium and then drop by one of these places just to check it out, if I don’t chicken out..

I am not used to being part of a community that reaches out like that. It is really great feeling.


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Atlanta day 3

Journal note – exhausted so this will be brief :).

Day three in Atlanta went pretty well. I was feeling pretty rough the whole day, especially in the morning. I suspect I looked like a serial killer. However I got to call Jello and life perked up. You can see the transformation he has on me in the pictures below.


Serial killer look before jello
After talking with Jello

By the time I got back to the hotel after a day of classes, a friend of mine invited me to go to Flip Burger Boutique. We arrived (about 5 of us) and had some good burgers, and some pretty tasty shakes.

We ended up going back to the other hotel using UberX. That was actually more pleasant an experience then the far more expensive cab ride to the place. Surprisingly the cars used by UberX people here in Atlanta are owned by the drivers, whereas in Seattle my experience is most were owned by the company.

We then walked the 1.5 miles back to our hotel and I crawled in bed, talked to Jello and went to sleep (not a very good night sleep either).

So went my third day in Atlanta, it was decent with no weirdness.