Happy 29th Anniversary My Love

I evidently didn't hit publish the second time.... I just want to scream from the mountains, trumpet from the clouds, all that jazz, on how much I love my husband. He has meant everything to me through all the years. Both as my spouse and my best friend. While we have been together longer than … Continue reading Happy 29th Anniversary My Love

PT: A Homeless Smile

Project Throwback: April 16, 1986 Derek was a pretty happy kid, I think we all were. Here is my little brother at this tiny amusement park outside Lake Tahoe Nevada when we were homeless back in 1985-1987. Considering we spent most of the time cold, tired and hungry living in a car. This combined with … Continue reading PT: A Homeless Smile

PT: Strange Goat Times

Project Throwback: April 16, 2016 Also a Flashback Friday!!! https://youtu.be/MPhMvgQ1-FI It had been a really rough couple of months. My father had passed away on February 11th, and a close friend of the family named Jimbo had just passed away on April 1st. The hubby had just taken me to Babeland for some shopping, and … Continue reading PT: Strange Goat Times

PT: Hubby gets revenge

Project Throwback: April 14, 2013 It is uncommon for the hubby to get pictures of me. Especially pictures I am not aware of. Here is one of those, plus a second from same day (but I was aware of that). That butt is "magically delicious" or at least that is what the PJs are saying. … Continue reading PT: Hubby gets revenge

PT: His First Haircut

Project Throwback: April 12, 2014 The hubby has just received his first haircut I believe from Heather at Ulta. The first public boy haircut. See how excited he is by that! I have always been a little jealous that FTM people have a much faster and easier shift than MTF. Testosterone really is a thing … Continue reading PT: His First Haircut