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Share List One of the things I had done during my FFS was cheek implants. I originally didn’t think I wanted them, but the doc talked me into and to be honest she was correct. I think they look great, … Continue reading

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15th Birthday Memories

Share List Well today is it, it is my 48th birthday and the first one I am out to the world as who I am (a girl). You think that would be what I was focused on today but it … Continue reading

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Mountain Man Encounter

Share List Yesterday I had a really interesting encounter. I was in the stairwell at work walking up to get the coffee shop. A very large and burly man walked into the stairwell. He saw me dressed up in a … Continue reading

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April 30, 2009 – Flashback Friday

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Throwback Thursday – July 2013

Share List Throwback Thursday from July 2013. Welcome to our Call of Cthulhu game I believe. Holy shit 6 years? Left to right: hubby (two months before coming out to me), Wey, Lici, Drew. Not pictured Rai on left, Torie … Continue reading

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Work Lunch 7/18/19

Share List Victor Seagull once again greets me at the park. This time he came right up to me.

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Lunch Visitor

Share List From last Thursday: Sometimes when you are stressed out about work, transition and rapid hormonal fluctuations, the universe  sends a seagull to check on you… ok to eat your lunch but it’s the same net positive.

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