Fairly standard for being “Rogue”.

https://twitter.com/GirlTweetReview/status/1343709004816502785 Text Version of Review: Rogue (2020 Military Action) - Megan Fox in a by the numbers rescue mission, with a "rogue" lioness, crazy Al-Shabaab terrorists, and a slightly humorous Backstreet Boys side arc. Not Fox's fault that it's "meh", she tries as does everyone else. Fairly standard for being rogue.

Go Do Molly

https://twitter.com/GirlTweetReview/status/1343369853021765634 Text Version of Review: Molly's Game (2018 Crime Bio Movie) - Jessica Chastain as Molly runs a high stakes poker game and ends up arrested and being aided by Idris Elba... A well written, intelligent show that tied things together smoothly. Good acting, and the fact it is on streaming means go do molly.

Dr. No is a No!

https://twitter.com/GirlTweetReview/status/1343279485991276550 Text Version of Review: Dr. No (1962 Spy Movie) - James Bond, #sexist, #racist, #rapey white male power fantasy. Sean Connery chews the scenery, but not in a good way. No plot, scattered writing, and bad acting. Just say no to Dr. No. There is so much better out there.