2012-11-12 Pre Transition: Dreams in a Graveyard

Original Airdate: 11/12/2012 Upload Date: 10/09/2020 Status: Pre transition Subject: Dreams My first dream post using video. I used to always write out my dreams and it would help work through them. I then started blogging on LJ and website. I figure this is the next step using youtube. I am trying to do more … Continue reading 2012-11-12 Pre Transition: Dreams in a Graveyard

2012-09-06 Pre-Transition: GM Corner 1- First Step for First Time GM

Original Airdate: 9/06/2012Upload Date: 10/07/2020Status: Pre transitionSubject: Gaming and Game Mastering Newest upload, dating back to 9/6/2012 Did this earlier this week. My first non-intro post as a GM. The focus of a brand new GM should be on delivery, not world building. You can tell a good story set in any world, but you … Continue reading 2012-09-06 Pre-Transition: GM Corner 1- First Step for First Time GM

2012-09-05 Pre-Transition: Atheist Bullies Exist as Well

Original Airdate: 9/05/2012 Upload Date: 10/07/2020 Status: Pre transition Subject: Bullies and Athiesm Sadly being a dick isn't only a religious based idea, it is evident everywhere. Atheists need to try and be more tolerant if they want their ideas to gain traction.

August 17 2012 – General Update with Hubby (re-upload)

Original Airdate: 8/17/2012Upload Date: 10/07/2020Status: Pre transitionSubject: hubby, movies, batman health This is my first remote update. I kind of like the 2-4 minute update from a non-home location using my iPhone. I think I might do this, it is easy enough I could do it daily without a problem.  

Geek Girl Con 2012 (re-upload)

Original Airdate: 8/16/2012Upload Date: 10/06/2020Status: Pre transitionSubject: Geek Girl Con, sexism and the panels The first video was way too long to put into the text as well, so it is video only for both of them. I went to my second ever con this weekend, Geek Girl Con 2012 was a great experience. I … Continue reading Geek Girl Con 2012 (re-upload)