Share List Just had an article in the paper about McCallum, here is the link and the article itself:  yes, another nail in his coffin. OLYMPIA — A Bellingham doctor facing discipline for allegedly dispensing old flu shots also is accused of inappropriately photographing a young patient, state regulators said.Continue Reading

Share List Sieg Heil, WHERE ARE YOUR PAPERS? Yes its happening, we are becoming just like Communist Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany and many other lovable places. REAL-ID act passed 100-0 in the Senate and now goes to the president to be signed. This means everyone will be required toContinue Reading

Share List Ok, last night I woke up at 2:30 with a terrible dream, terrible enough I had goosebumps and couldnt talk, but when I awoke this morning I don’t remember it. However I do remember a nasty dream I had as well, this dream is very much TMI, butContinue Reading

Share List Well I had dreams that woke me up at 5am again. It started out with me and the wife running around a half built skyscraper, I dont remember much of this part except we were together (married) like we are now, but it felt more like when theContinue Reading

Share List Here is the link to the most current story: Here it is in italic Accused physician faces new charges Sex, theft allegations follow probe into expired flu shots Mary Lane Gallagher, The Bellingham Herald The Bellingham doctor accused of giving patients expired flu shots last year now facesContinue Reading

Share List The doctor I worked for got charged with six more charges. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Here is the link: here is what it said for those too lazy to click the link:     BELLINGHAM, Wash. – A Bellingham doctor, accused of giving outContinue Reading