Dream 08-07-08

Last night I had a rather strange dream. Heresyoftruth & I were both living in a mobile home much like what we used to live in. The only difference is the floor plan was reversed. I was looking out the living room window (the side window, only this time it was facing the pond) and I noticed a SUV in the middle of the pond. I called over to heresyoftruth and as she walked to where I was looking a bunch of 17-19 year old showed up. After a brief conversation we agreed to help them get the SUV out (the strange part was I was snickering because they were so young).

Later in the dream heresyoftruth and I were riding a bus. It was full of loud obnoxious people and I had to poke someone in the back of the head to get them to stop picking on someone. During this time the wife and I were talking about the possibility of maybe bringing in a third party to our relationship. For some reason the bus dropped us off in what looked like the old Rite Aid by Bellis Fair (across the street from it).

The strange thing was there was a large chainlink fence behind it (about 12 feet tall), with an apartment complex parellel across the road that goes past the Rite Aid. Somehow we knew beyond that fence was the Mexican border. We got off right before the fence and walked into the store right next to the Rite Aid. It was a liquor store and we both had stocked up and walked out the side door. On the side of the liquor store was a small rock wall with a few trees, bordered by the chainlink fence to Mexico. We could see the apartment complex across the street. It had somehow become night in the time we were in the store.

All of a sudden Nyarlathotep (all 100 feet tall version of him) stepped across the fence onto the American side of the border. We ducked up against the rock wall and the creature went on deeper into the US and out of our sight. We both stood up and heard a noise. We turned and two very attractive women (almost twins) were standing on the rocks. They were dressed in nun habits, but their eyes were glowing. They really didn’t say much, they jumped off the rocks and landed beside us. For some reason I kept thinking Succubus, not exactly, but close enough that I was both intrigued and worried. One came over to me, started touching me lightly and sniffing me almost in an animalistic way (but still damn hot, yes I have weird kinks). The other had gone over to heresyoftruth and was kissing her neck, much to the enjoyment of heresy (I could tell by the little whimpers she sometimes makes when she is happy, and boy is she probably going to kill me for saying that).

Thats when I woke up. I was both sad and relieved I had woken up then, even in the dream I knew the odds were they were probably going to eat us, but really how often do two hot mexican women dressed like nuns come up to you and your wife like that?

Dreams and Anxieties

I woke up this morning at 4:30 am from a strange dream last night, and I was unable to go back to bed. I was on some college campus looking at classes to take. I believe it was for either Central or Washington State University satellite campus in Lynnwood. While registering I somehow lost all my text books (and it was a bizarre language class, some sort of class about a novel, and a third miscellaneous class). I spent a good chunk of the dream looking for the books, I had somehow mixed them up with someone else’s book. Then somehow I ended on a street corner naked, trying to put on my wife’s dress so I wasn’t naked.

I am sure it has to do with my anxiety today. My mom starts her chemotherapy and I am a bit nervous. I gave them some gas money and told them to call me whenever they want. I think she will be doing good, I just worry about how sick she gets. I am trying to get them to quit smoking, and will continue to try, but part of me thinks its a lost cause.

Also the wife and I were looking at class information for her next degree (maybe she can finish her psych degree). We both didn’t realize there were multiple University Campuses within a short drive. I definitely am going to get heresyoftruth into school, maybe we should see what financial aid is available this year and get her into a campus if she wants to do a four year degree. I also found they offer a couple of different masters in accounting, I may have to try that in a year or so.

I also wonder if part of the dream was about my lack of studying for the CPA (anxiety about school). Now I did realize when I graduated in December that the first month of my tax job, I wouldn’t have time (plus we had to move and I didn’t get the study materials until my second month of work). Then we hit busy season, and there was absolutely no way to study then. Busy season ended in May, but my interviewing with other jobs started then. By mid-June I was moving  yet again to Everett and now I have finished my first month of state auditing. I figure I better start studying, I would like to take the first of four tests by October, unfortunately thats a 1,000 + pages of  Financial Accounting & Reporting (plus 300 more pages of an advanced booklet) for testing materials. Once that is done I have three more tests (Auditing,  Taxes, Business Ethics/Law) each are almost the same size (the FAR which is the first one is a bit larger then the rest).

Oh, and i probably will discontinue the friends only for now. I am working on just friending certain posts that my involve my work or other “sensitive” things, but for the most part this is a pretty harmless journal.

IRS Update

Yesterday I received a phone message from the local IRS recruiter. I had turned down her the day before, I had explained I can’t work in Seattle and I had a new job. She left a message saying they would work me out of the Everett office and she had scheduled me an appointment (after I had said thanks but I can’t). She also left a cryptic message that if I didn’t take this opportunity, the IRS doesn’t generally call back in the future, the people that turn down an interview. That felt kind of weird, was that a cloaked “do it or never work here” type of threat? I really do want to work for the IRS, but the Assistant State Auditor job is going really well and I at the very least don’t feel right just dumping (and I am really hoping it works out).

Heresyoftruth and I talked last night, I am going to stick with the Auditor job (at least for now), I don’t think its fair to my current job to bail (or even look at bailing). The job seems fine so far, there have been absolutely no bad things happen. I am a little lost (ok more then a little) however there is no reason at the moment to seek a different job, at least not until we emmigrate. So I just got off the phone this morning leaving her another message that since I had only been with the State Auditor’s office a week or so that I wanted to be fair to them and if it didn’t work out in the future I hope they would reconsider interviewing me.

I am worried I made the wrong choice, but in addition to starting yet another job, I would have to drop another 7k in pay per year for training with the IRS (although my current job worries me because I was hired at higher then entry level and it means I have to learn it quicker). I guess I am just always looking for something to worry about.

Dreams 6-28-08

Last night I had what seemed to be one long continuous dream. It started with me, hubby and many of my old gamers (as in from 18 years ago) hanging outside the old Eagles Games in Bellingham (on Cornwall).

We were sitting there, working on a new game (I think I was starting up a fantasy game) along with pandaofdoom. While we were sitting there, people kept asking me questions (not our gaming group, just random people). I then got a call from a person who I didn’t know asking me about my game and about gaming rules. The cellphone connection with them was very broken up, I had to stop periodically to either move a few feet over for better reception, or to let low flying planes fly away (that is something occasionally that happened at our old apartment, we were under the flight path for Sea-Tac airport).

While I was on the phone, a few feet down from the old Eagles, a Suburban SUV landed on the sidewalk right in front of me, a young lady came out asked some questions and then it basically took off again (VTOL style). At that point I realized there was something coming, something big and bad, almost like a large statue.

I quickly jumped into the street and down to this huge ravine (this does not exist in Bellingham) and promptly led it towards a cave across the ravine. I had to use a series of rings in my pocket with different effects to get there (jumping, spider climbing, feather falling). Eventually I got him locked away when out of that same hole I looked him into came chaos knights on steeds. They came out of the cave entrance (which was about 100 feet above the river below) started falling when a large cat climbed up beside me and began to clean me. It was at this moment I woke up to our cat Orpheus sitting between me and heresyoftruth, cleaning my head with his tongue (he always likes the hair, that bastard, now I have a huge cowlick). This is when I got up.

Dreams 6-16-08

Last night I had two small dreams. The first involved a tiny pile of garbage, with soil, right beside a couch. I think it was our old partially circular couch with that weird texture (almost like shag). I kept trying to clean it up with my fingers. Heresyoftruth was beside me trying to clean it as well. Her head was very close to the underside of the couch. Cockroaches kept coming out of this small pile of garbage, and people kept calling me away so I knew they were escaping. They would crawl out from under the couch a few moments later near the wife’s head as she tried to keep cleaning. At the end of the dream a fist sized spider crawled from under the couch (it had large spines and almost a rocklike exterior. Thats when I woke up.

The second dream was shorter, it mostly consisted of me running around my current firm during tax season. Up to the main desk while I talked to Alan, one of the major shareholders on the phone.


This morning I woke up to a most wonderful sight (insert sarcasm here). Evidently our refrigerator is dead. The freezer seems to kick on, but the fridge part is dead. I tried to fit some of our stuff in the freezer, but I have a feeling our food will be spoiled. I called the repair guy at 6am. He said to find him on the property at 8am (it sounds like he wont even come over here when he gets here). God I hate this place, last thing I need is to have to fill the fridge before I move. The hard part is the wife. If she could eat normal food, I would just say lets eat out and not worry about putting food in the fridge, but she isn’t and we can’t.

I really don’t want to go to work today already not in the best mood.

Boyscout Adventure


From Parents Photo Album

Here is another pic, since I don’t have any taken today I figured I would upload another one. This one is from my Boy Scout days (thats me on the left, eyes closed wearing a yellow rain jacket, my friend Joey LaPoint on the right). This is sometime around 1981-82. I was a fairly active member of the Boy Scout, even though we were poor my parents scrapped together enough to send me.

This trip was rather hellish – especially since it was a four day weekend. To start it off we (as in my family) couldn’t afford a backpack, so I brought my gear in a suitcase that was bigger then me (I shit you not, I could climb in it). We got to the parking area for the camp. Since we got there so late we had to actually (as a scout troop) camp at the parking area until morning. This was then when my group (four of us) realized we had forgotten the poles to our tent. The first night we had to string the tent itself across a picnic bench and slept under it. We woke up the next morning sore, wet and tired. After a quick breakfast we  hiked close to four miles, for a city boy thats a long ways (as can be seen I wasn’t tubby, just a normal kid). This hike sucked even more because all my camping gear was in my suitcase, I had never realized before (and have never forgotten since) that hauling suitcases long distance sucks.

We got to the beach at the end of the trail and the scout troop made camp. Our group, with the help of our scout leader was able to string our tent up using rope and trees. He then told us we should hang our food up high (this is important to note for later in the story). Being the young kids we were, we were in a hurry so we buried the food next to our tent.

At this same place was a small mini-mountain that extended into the Pacific Ocean. It was low tide so you could cross and sit up on top of it (it was a couple of hundred feet tall, ok thats what it seemed like, it probably wasn’t quite so tall if I saw it now). We played on it while a storm rolled in. My little squad didn’t notice the tide rising until it had cut us off from the beach. Our scoutmaster yelled we would have to weather it since we were dumbasses who didn’t come back when told. Long after dark the tide receded and several very wet kids crawled down the mountain and into our tent.

We then laid in the tent and promptly fell asleep. We were woken up once by a Bear nearby (s/he was probably smelling our food) and that was it. We woke up bright and early the next morning. That is when we found our food dug up. Evidently the night before, raccoons had dug up our food and took off with it. They even got our Top Ramen soup packets (they left the noodles). For the next day and a half we had to eat Top Ramen plain. This would explain my adult hatred of top ramen (even if I don’t mind the other stuff).

By the end of our trip I was sick (as in pukey), exhausted, and sort of numb all over. We were wet, cold and had just hiked another three miles back in, before that happened however; the assistant scoutmaster took pity on me and fed me some Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal, with grape Kool-Aid (which I promptly puked up, I have to say grape Kool-Aid is nastier coming up then going down). Before the sickness hit me though, he snapped this picture of me.

Its funny, ever since then I have hated Top Ramen, and Grape Kool-Aid. I have also a fondness for Cinnamon-Apple Quaker Oatmeal. I think part of it, when growing up, we were too poor to ever afford oatmeal that came in packets (especially flavored), so not only was it the first real food in a weekend, it was a definite treat, since we could have never had that at home.

Thats it for that picture… more to come.


Anxious Work Dream

I just woke up from a dream that bothered me a bit, albeit it wasn’t filled with zombies and things that could eat me. I also realize my grammar is probably not the best, I am still trying to wake up and its difficult today.

It was the last day or two for my current job. We spent a lot of time taking tests and we were being sent on a job/test outside of our office at the end. It involved traveling to another city. I was talking with several people from work (and in the dream there were several people that are not in my work in reality). We were then all told to get ready. We lined up in the office and walked onto a bus, heading for the airport. As we boarded the bus something about the trip was bothering me.

The next thing I knew I was in a gravel quarry. I am not sure why or how but I was walking up and down this gravel quarry in the late evening, just before dark. I could then hear up in the sky a small plane flying (quite a distance up), and I knew it was the plane I was supposed to be on. I watched as it flew overhead, and it started smoking, pieces started flying off after a few seconds I could see it was rows of people falling out. Then the plane exploded.

I knew immediately I should find some cover as the pieces of the plane started landing. I could hear the first pieces of plane hit, then some distant screaming and grunts as people began to hit the ground. I ran under some sort of overhang and ducked hoping nothing landed on me. For some reason the bodies hitting the ground reminded me of the rain (tap tap tap tap, almost the same sound as large raindrops hitting a metal roof).

Thats when I woke up.

Rolling the dice

There are many things wrong with where I work, and from what I am told those wrong things extend to the public accounting profession in general. Its not that they are necessarily doing something illegal (although the example I will talk about later is definitely against the tax code), its just the greed and drive for money that bothers me

A little over a week ago we had a tax class for all the first year tax accountants. It dealt with how to handle mortgage interest, and other Schedule A writeoffs. It is actually a long convoluted story, but I will just shorten it down.  The mortgage interest that is deductible on Schedule A is only from an original home loan (or combination of two homes), and is limited to 1.1 million dollars. Any interest on the value exceeding the 1.1 million dollars is not deductible.

If you get refinanced, a second mortgage, or any other additional loan (such as home equity), that interest is NOT deductible under the Internal Revenue Code. Nor can you claim any deduction on interest exceeding that first 1.1 million dollars. However, our trainer told us that we will in fact make those deductions, no matter what we thought was going on.

I brought up that I noticed several clients were claiming $200,000+ on mortgage interest per year, and not even counting if they were home equity or second mortgages, that total of interest is far beyond the value of 1.1 million dollars worth of homes, so far in excess that there is no way they are only claiming for that value (the most you really should see is about $100,000 and thats only if they get really hosed by the bank). He told me that no firm would check into those numbers, and that I should just set the deductions up. He even admitted that the IRS would have full legal reason to audit and charge fines because it is against the tax codes. Yet he told us we should do it. He said its worth “rolling the dice” against getting an IRS audit.

I did bring up that it sounded like what we were doing goes against the AICPA codes of conduct. He pointed out there is nothing illegal about taking the clients at their word (when obviously they are lying, but as long as we don’t have obvious direct proof it doesn’t matter) and that it was worth it both for the client to risk the audit, and for us to keep these clients, to continue. It all came down to profit for the firm. That was the day I was positive I didn’t want to do public accounting.

Somehow I felt slimy, and wondered if lawyers were above me on the ladder of social mores (there is a lot more to talk about, even worse stories. I will post later about those).


Its official, I am now an Assistant State Auditor at the Everett Branch. I start June 23rd and I will end up taking home $50 more a month then I do currently (after we offset the old insurance with the new). 40 hours a week, a week extra of sick/vacation time, 7 more holidays and not having to work with “the asshole”. I am giving my two weeks notice starting Monday (maybe tomorrow if Natalie is in).

Heck, once I am at my new job I might post a bit about “the asshole” or how they are teaching us in class to “roll the dice” and risk an IRS audit to save our client money (one of the most recent reasons I can’t be a public accountant at this firm).


Today I got a call from the state auditor’s office. They definitely want to hire me and they have emailed me what the benefits are. They are requesting my salary requirements (and I assume we negotiate from there). I have never had to give an initial salary request. So I went to my trusty professor of tax from WWU and she is currently contacting a different state auditor to get the low down.

She was surprised there was such flexibility (I had called her, hoping she would know). She left a message for the gentleman, and she will hopefully call back tonight with some info. I do have a range (I was also hired as a ASA2, not an entry level ASA1), but I am not sure if splitting the difference and asking for halfway through that range is too much.

Another big bonus of this new job, living in Everett, its that much cheaper rent wise then Seattle, but not as expensive as Bellingham for other day to day things. It means we will have to move eventually (as long as this pans out), I do hate moving, but it is worth it for this.

In addition the state offers six health care plans. The most expensive of the plans is less then half the price for BOTH me and heresyoftruth then my current plan is for just for heresyoftruth (she costs $450 a month for just herself, the highest state plan only costs $218 FOR BOTH OF US).

If this works out, I will make less cash monthly, but my hourly wage would be higher, there would be a lot more flexibility and no busy season.

I better go, the WWU professor is calling with some more advice on this.