More Weird Dreams

Well I was awoken at 430am by some bizarre dreams. In the dreams I was on the bus with Sage much like when we go to school. Some asshole college students gave her a hard time. I got up, walked over and punched one of them until they couldn't move. I then proceeded to get … Continue reading More Weird Dreams

Dream: Whatcha talking about Willis?

I woke up this morning with a weird dream. I dreamt I was a cast member of the 70's show. I dreamt we did our last show together, everyone was crying and sad to move on. After much talking with Hyde and Ashton Kutcher we decided we wouldn't lose contact. Then all of a sudden … Continue reading Dream: Whatcha talking about Willis?

Bad Dream and a little stress

Well I woke up this morning to a not so good dream.  I was driving down Meridian; out by WalMart when over one of the little rises in the road I noticed that there was a huge lineup of cars. The unfortunate fact was the speed limit right there just past WalMart is 50mph. So … Continue reading Bad Dream and a little stress

Dream: Working at Bob Rude’s Auto Shop

Ok, I had this strange dream this morning. It started with me working at Bob Rude's auto shop. We were inside the shop busily working with a bladed machine thats used to grind things. Well of course one of the monkeys in the shop was screwing around and shattered the blade that flew all over … Continue reading Dream: Working at Bob Rude’s Auto Shop

Last Dream of the Year

I woke up a few minutes ago from a bad dream. This was a more conventional bad dream then my usual anxiety dreams I have had the past few weeks. It wasn't a fear of aging, death, religious crises, etc. It just seemed to be the beginning of a normal "horror movie" type bad dream. … Continue reading Last Dream of the Year

Christmas 2003

First off, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Merry Solistice to everyone. Yesterday went well, saw my parents and both siblings and my niece Cass and nephew Josh. Got home and played some E&B and roleplayed some. I woke up this morning choking though. Sometimes I will wake up choking and unable to breathe. We have always … Continue reading Christmas 2003

Dream Again

Ok, I had this dream last night, I am having a hard time remembering exactly but here is the basics. For some reason, I was hired, along with Sean's dad to go to Libya to work on the construction of a building (specifically the very top ornamental design). Now Libya was not like Libya of … Continue reading Dream Again

Crisis of Faith?

Well I finally fell asleep about 3am. I really think my worries about my parents growing old and what is going to happen is most likely still some stress from school, bad diet (not that I am on a diet, bad food habits), caffiene withdrawal and not enough vitamins. Please forgive the following ranting, I … Continue reading Crisis of Faith?