Fell asleep about 2230, woke up at 0330. I had a strange dream that involved trying to avoid something in a city that was outside a large building (seemed like downtown Seattle), I kept looking through large walls of glass trying to spot something huge and I would scuttle from outside place to outside place around the … Continue reading Grrr…

Messed up

I am  not sure of all the specifics, but I had a dream I woke up from about 15 minutes ago. It entailed me living with my parents, their animals, my siblings and I think even my wife. It was a house on the corner of two streets, and I kept thinking we all need to move pretty quick. … Continue reading Messed up

Long and Short Night

Last night I got about 4.5 hours of sleep. This was mostly due to some dreams. I can't remember much. DREAMS My mother and I were taking a ferry somewhere, we ended up leaving the ferry and traveling a bit. At some point we were dropped off on a rather steep hill that was undergoing … Continue reading Long and Short Night


Had a few strange dreams involving heresyoftruth and I have two small children. They kept rubbing their faces against ours much like our cat. I don’t normally want kids, and I don’t want them now, but there was a little meloncholy when I woke up. I do however miss my wife, even though she is … Continue reading Weird

Dreams and Anxieties

I woke up this morning at 4:30 am from a strange dream last night, and I was unable to go back to bed. I was on some college campus looking at classes to take. I believe it was for either Central or Washington State University satellite campus in Lynnwood. While registering I somehow lost all … Continue reading Dreams and Anxieties

IRS Update

Yesterday I received a phone message from the local IRS recruiter. I had turned down her the day before, I had explained I can’t work in Seattle and I had a new job. She left a message saying they would work me out of the Everett office and she had scheduled me an appointment (after … Continue reading IRS Update

Anxious Work Dream

I just woke up from a dream that bothered me a bit, albeit it wasn’t filled with zombies and things that could eat me. I also realize my grammar is probably not the best, I am still trying to wake up and its difficult today. It was the last day or two for my current … Continue reading Anxious Work Dream

Zombie Animals and Old Acquaintances

Last night I had a long dream. It lasted what seemed most of the night and veered from weird zombie animal dreams into one that had an old acquaintance. It started out strange enough. I was on a boat and I was some sort of small animal. There were a few other animals and we … Continue reading Zombie Animals and Old Acquaintances

Disappointing Work Update

I will make this pretty quick. There has been two rather disappointing things that have occurred this week. I do dislike the job, and I have already gone on ad nauseum about the other issues. 1. Monday I was given back an extended return. Basically earlier this month we had thrown together numbers for the … Continue reading Disappointing Work Update

Tax Job Schedule

Yesterday went really really well. I ran a Shadowrun game that lasted about 8-9 hours after a late start. Unfortunately it ended up with ashcake and talkswithwind getting out of here late, but hopefully they will forgive me for it. The game had a pretty good pace, and I enjoyed the RP, even though it … Continue reading Tax Job Schedule