Sinking of an island (dreams)

Last night I had a pretty intense dream, of course I waited til morning to post so I am not sure how much I remember. It all took place on an island. It was a large island (maybe not the size of Hawaii, but not a tiny island either), had a city on it (well … Continue reading Sinking of an island (dreams)

Another Dream

Well I had dreams that woke me up at 5am again. It started out with me and the wife running around a half built skyscraper, I dont remember much of this part except we were together (married) like we are now, but it felt more like when the two of us hung out when we … Continue reading Another Dream

Anxiety Dream

Well I awoke this morning with an anxiety dream. I dreamt I was working in a new Doctors office, I realize my dad has an appointment so I go into his room to  talk with him. I notice the nurse/ma filling out paperwork with the wrong name and info. I tell the nurse/ma that the … Continue reading Anxiety Dream

Christmas 2004 and Telling the boss to fuck off.

Merry Christmas everyone. This last week has been very interesting. First I go to work on Wednesday sick to check to make sure everyone is ok. I walk in find the girl that is "helping out the office" is on my computer typing a letter introducing herself as the new Office Manager (btw I am … Continue reading Christmas 2004 and Telling the boss to fuck off.

Dream: Zombie Coffee Shop

I just awoke from a dream a little while ago. I had to move around, take a shower and think about it. Even though a lot of the dream has dissipated I was just going to write out what I now remember here. I had died, not sure how, not sure how old I was, … Continue reading Dream: Zombie Coffee Shop

Mother’s Heart Attack

Freaked out would be an understatement. I am sorry to everyone who has to read this. I hate bitching about my situation but I am pretty worried about my mother. For those of you that don't know I got a call at 7am this morning. My mother had a major heart attack, after hours of … Continue reading Mother’s Heart Attack

Dream: Mouth of dust

I just woke up from a horrendeous nightmare (about 00:30 am). I was laying in an old house with several men, well most men, there seemed to be some older women. We were all wearing Royal Infantry Uniforms (British from World War 2 era). We had been sitting there for a long time, laying there … Continue reading Dream: Mouth of dust

Dream: It has always been you

I just woke up from a peculiar dream. I dreamt I walked down this elaborate stone staircase onto a huge dance room floor (I am talking classical dancing type floor). It was a huge costume ball. People dressed in different things, silks, satins, wool and I walked up and danced with this girl in mask. … Continue reading Dream: It has always been you

Dream: Dad in a home

I woke up this morning from a very disturbing dream. I dreamt my parents had gotten another fish tank. It was a weird design (I think 40 gallon) and it had lots of little fish. My dad then told me he was moving into some sort of home (not a old folks home, but it … Continue reading Dream: Dad in a home