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Ghostlife: Bathroom Rituals

Ghost has always had some weird habits that he must have picked up before we got him. As old as he is, I am sure we have only scratched the surface. I figure I will post randomly when I see him do something that is unusual.

However, the habit I am talking about now is his need to sit on your feet. He has always had a fascination with feet, but if you are on the toilet that is when he is the happiest. He will come shooting over from anywhere else in the apartment and lay down on your feet and start purring. Now, he will do this anywhere we are, but the bathroom, especially on the bathroom rug, is his most perfect place.

No bathroom picture, but I have this one.

I always wonder why that makes him the happiest. What possibly could he have been doing in the past that sitting on my feet while I am sitting on the toilet would be a great thing for him. It is a question for the ages.

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Ghostlife: I am now a pancake

We bought Ghost a harness… it does not fit and he is now a pancake.

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January 25, 2016

Shadow and Ghost just being in the moment.

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Sad Weekend

I posted Marmalade’s last official post on Facebook last night. He passed away Friday night. It was quick and unexpected and he was found on his way to the food bowl and it appeared in no pain. We have never had human children, but our animals are our kids. I wanted to share it here because I am having a hard time with my own words.

I passed away today. I had a great life, with the two bestest dads ever (Jello and Lucky). I ate all I could, I slept on my humans and occasionally would run around. I got healthy, gained weight and lived years longer than I would have before my dads found me.

My bigger dad will hopefully update this with my pictures, he was supposed to do this months ago but was busy. I think he was going to do it now, but I think he is crying at the moment and can’t do it yet. I hope it wasn’t me that caused it.

I worry about the two of them. Right now they don’t have anyone to watch over them, so I will stick around for awhile and do it as much as possible. I think I especially will miss watching over “shower time”.

I had always meant to have dad update this and do more videos, but dad was always too busy working on his other things. That’s ok though, I love both of them anyways.

I will always be here watching over the shower time, dropping off kibble when they hurt, and I hope someday they will let more vigilant kitties in to their house. I am not the first, I won’t be the last, but I won’t ever be forgotten.


I am sorry if you folks are stuck with lots of marmalade pics/posts in the next few weeks.

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A Comparison of Cats

I have talked a lot about my cats to people, usually about how big they are. Today I got a picture of the husband holding Marmalade and was able to put it side by side with a pic of the hubby holding Orpheus (our previous cat) about 3 years ago.


It did confirm for me what I thought, Orpheus was as big (if not a little bigger) as a base body. He is fairly skinny in the picture, but he had been sick for months and we had to euthanize him later the day that picture was taken.

Then we have Marmalade. I don’t think he is much less in length (from head to tail) but he definitely isn’t as tall. However, Marmalade makes up for it in many ways, by being much broader in the chest (more like a tiger build), definitely more in the “I am fat and fabulous” way, he has to weight close to half again what Orpheus weighed. The other aspect that you won’t see in pictures, Marmalade is much nicer.

Orpheus loved me, he would let me manhandle him, play with him, carry him inappropriately. He would mostly let the hubby do it as well. However, he would eat anyone else’s face for even looking at him wrong (also, when he would chase the hubby down, Orpheus would knock him down by flying at the back of the hubby’s knees). Whereas Marmalade only wants to lay on you, if he wants something, he will patiently bump his head into you repeatedly or sit a few feet away with his back to you in disapproval.

I just wanted to share that with my friends and family. I do miss Orpheus, he would never have tolerated Marmalade, but he was a pretty great cat. However, Marmalade is such a sweetie, I wouldn’t get rid of him for anything.


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Marmalade 1-11-2013

Marmalade, a new feral kitty that decided to adopt us.

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Endings always suck, and I have been trying to avoid this ending. Although we all know you can’t avoid death and taxes. Unfortunately its the reaper who is showing up, I wouldn’t mind paying the tax man for some extra time for the cat.

Our cat Orpheus has finally hit the stage where the renal failure is final. We have known for two years, and he has kept himself going really well for those two years. However, about a month ago he started getting thick around the abdomen. As of last Saturday he has finally started to lose his appetite and he has become skin and bones. Although he is still bright eyed.

In fact, not more than 10 minutes ago the cat noticed that I was laying on  and the problem with that is he thinks that is unacceptable. So twice tonight although he has been huddled on his electric blanket, he has gotten up when he saw me paying attention to the wife. He then both times walked over and started howling at me to pick him up. So he got his way yet again, he always thinks the wife is a whore who I shouldn’t touch when he is crabby like that. It was funny enough that I think we both almost cried.

We got a hold of a vet, Dr. Kaftanski. She was awesome on the phone and was incredibly reassuring. In addition she uses an anesthetic before actually euthanizing, so Orph won’t be freaked out, except for a possible pinch.

So the deed will happen at 2pm tomorrow (Tuesday). I realize its stupid to think this way, but I have always hoped there i something else after this life. If there is, I hope at least the animals get to go there (or come back). Of course that goes for everyone else as well, but since Orph is the one leaving next, animals are my focus.

I have always been weird that way, if I could buy my friends and family an afterlife with my own destruction/damnation I would do it and not even blink in the decision.Ok, that was a  weird side tangent, probably because I just took all my meds and I only slept about 3 or 4 hours last night.


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Orpheus Watch

Our cat Orpheus has been sick the last 4-5 days. We had assumed it was his food (we were feeding him Whiskas, and that isn’t very healthy for a cat). He started with hairballs and continued puking once or twice a day. After a day or two he started having diarhea, so we got him new food (Wellness and some high end dry food) and he was still sick through the weekend. Fast forward to Saturday and we were sure we would need to take him to a vet on Monday. That is until he started passing blood (and a lot of it). So last night we took him to the emergency vet.

The vet techs were pretty cool. They knew he has a history of trying to kill vets and vet techs ever since that bad vet visit last year. We had dosed him up on a sedative (thanks [ profile] ashcake for showing us how to pill a cat). So they at least were able to handle with him. We then talked with the vet and explained what had happened and that we needed to limit what we could do financially (plus the fact it is a 16 year old kitty, don’t want to do anything to prolong him that would decline his lifestyle.

The vet came back with a $600+ estimate to do all the testing. First, we don’t have that kind of cash, there is no way at this point I can do that. Especially since my chase card just went up to 30% (for nothing we did) I cannot afford it. We explained that to the vet and asked if there was something less invasive. The second reason we declined (and I would have done so even if I had the cash) is the extensiveness of the test. Orpheus is 16, going on 17 years old. True, he could live a few more years, but there is a limit of resources I am willing to spend (god this makes me sound like a cold mutha-f**ker). I love the little guy, but $600 to just test him, let alone treat him (which we wouldn’t find out to the next day) was beyond my ability. 

The vet did say she didn’t think it was hyperthyrodism, nor did she think it was diabetes due to the rest of his health factors. She did bring up CRF (chronic renal failure), which is terminal but not necessarily immediately. That was the same thing  [ profile] ethicalcannibal  and I had thought. We were braced to having to have him euthanized, when she said the other option was to give him fluids, antibiotics and see how he does. I am willing to spend the $200 for that. I don’t want to dismiss him, I would like to keep him with us if he can, so I said yes. Of course this takes the utility money we were saving up (the extra money this month, because we know next month the bill will be higher than normal), but we will make due. On a side note, this is of course the same week we incurred our FIOS bill (not much more than cable/internet and a lot better, but this month we get double billed as we pay the last of our bills from cable/internet and start fios) and I just got the bill for my ankle surgery. Although to be fair, $130 for a $10,000 surgery is worth it, and I am not complaining at the amount, the timing sucked, but not the amount.

They gave him fluids/antibiotics, gave us a script of antibiotics to get him, and yes I paid $28 more for probiotics to help with his diarrhea, even though I am skeptical of those. We brought him home drugged out of his mind. He laid on my chest most of the night, and when I wanted to eat he laid on [ profile] ethicalcannibal  the rest of the time. Eventually we crawled in bed and he laid with us for awhile, then started his in and out process. This means for a few hours he would druggedly crawl out of bed, then back into bed. Eventually he laid up with me and went to sleep (but if I turned away to get more comfortable he would whine at me until I wrapped him up in my arms again). This was how my 5.5 hours of sleep went last night.

I woke up this morning and found that he seems pretty much normal, he was a little piggy and ate some wet food. He then came out and laid on me a little more. His eyes are pretty much normal (all night his third eyelids were halfway up his eyeballs, it was a little creepy). He has now wandered off to somewhere else in the house. I am hoping that his perking up is not temporary, but we will see.

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No Good Deed – AKA The Day of Suckage.

First and foremost I want to make it clear that I am not complaining about my friends I am doing this for, so please read through, chuckle but don’t think its being said in a way that indicates I am upset with you two.

My day started at an early 5am. I got up and balanced my check book, sent Geico the insurance payment until next January, paid the cable bill and prepared for school. At 7am I had realized I had watched this episode of “the Pretender” (yes I am sad) so I figured I would go check on the kitty’s at Ashcake and Talkswithwind. I have agreed to feed the pretty kitties once a day for a week and then for three more days on the 4th of July and on. I had figured I would get this out of the way so I am driving to Sudden Valley (about a 20 minute drive). It’s not a bad trip out, I enjoyed the ride. 

I then pulled up to the in question house, low and behold I see the “scardiest cat” of the group on their front porch. I went through a quick mental inventory and verified it was her (I had a hard time comprehending why would she be outside as we left all four of them happily eating the night before). I slowly approached hoping I could slide by her and open the door to let her in. As I walked up the stairs she jetted by me and around to where the garage is. I checked the door and it was still locked from yesterday, I figured I would draw her in by leaving the door open and making sounds like I was feeding the other three cats. She did not respond and I did feed the other three cats in order to get them into the side room so I could shut the door and focus more on the outside fourth cat.

I realized that the window over the patio was partially open and the corner of the screen was pushed outwards, A-HA!!! I had discovered the likely escape route. 

As I finished filling the bowl I heard a low throated growl, Jez was watching me and growling. I kind of stood there stupidly trying to figure out why she was growling (although when I got there all three were acting growly and upset, probably because their fourth member was outside the door trying to get in). I put some of the “tasty paste” on my finger and offered it to her. I realized at the last second that was a mistake as she launched herself onto my hand, putting three deep punctures on my left middle finger. I got her off of me and retreated out of the room.

Meanwhile I attempted a third time to call Ashcake but my phone kept dropping the calls. Eventually I called on their land line and she gave me directions to attract the fourth cat. I tried for an hour or two like this (by now it was 10:30 and I had  been here since 7:15 or so) Eventually I attempted to open the garage to let her in but that scared her out of view. I went back out to the front porch and as I walked across the entryway rug on the porch I heard a “crack” and my foot rolled into the hole that now appeared. There was a bit of pain and as I pulled my foot out and walked back into the house I realized my ankle was hurting. I called Ashcake back and explained I hurt my ankle and we agreed I would open the patio door and hope the fourth cat came in on her own.

I then proceeded home where the wife said she believed I had fractured that ankle again. It didn’t feel like that to me but I agreed and we went to Interfaith. I arrived at Interfaith, the doc looked it over and then sent me for an X-ray, she believed it was only a sprain and maybe a torn ligament and gave me an air splint and some meds(plus now I have to take antibiotics for the cat bite because evidently they have really gross bacteria in there). I got an x-ray, they gave me the results and referred me back to Interfaith. I contacted Interfaith (a public health clinic for lower income) and they said they can’t help me, because I would need an orthopedic surgeon, the cheapest way to see one is go to the ER. It turns out that on top of the already “unresolved fracture” from age 14, I now also have a cat bite and a flake fracture of the tip of the lateral malleolus, can only really be fixed by surgery (plus its sprained and probably retore the ligament I tore three years ago on that same ankle.

Well I am broke so I cannot afford the ER nor can I afford to have pins put in my ankle (the needed surgery for my ankle) FUCK AMERICA AND ITS FUCKED UP MEDICAL SYSTEM. So the wife and me went to Hoagland’s Pharmacy, picked up three different scripts, a set of crutches, an otoscope and batteries.

So, in the end, the cost of today.

1. Not enough sleep (thats my fault)
2. Missed all of my classes today.
3. Had to spend a ton of money
     $15 X-ray fee
    $30 medicines
    $30 crutches
    $50 in misc medical supplies (such as ice bag, etc).
  and still an unknown amount owed to Interfaith for seeing me.
This was an expensive day ($135+), and I am tired.

Time to nap now, (btw I dont begrudge watching the kitties, just was a long ass “Ernest Goes to Camp” sort of day).