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A great experience and a realization

Share List Last week I had an awesome thing happen. I was sitting in the McDonald’s drive thru (don’t judge me, I was hungry haha) and was talking to a young dark haired lady. Probably in her late twenties she … Continue reading

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Testosterone (Part 1 of many)

Share List Disclaimer: One important note, I am talking here about my experience, everyone experiences sex and hormones differently and this post is by no means exhaustive – I am sure I will have a lot more to post but … Continue reading

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So angry

Share List I woke up so angry this morning, just furiously angry, that I had to quit the best paying job I had because there are so many people who are hateful bigots. I want to be clear. I absolutely … Continue reading

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Boob holding and salt

Share List I have noticed a whole slew of things that are different now that I am finishing my sixth month on hormones. The first is salt, and the second thing is boobs. I have never liked salt very much. … Continue reading

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