Well this wasn't the update I wanted to post, but its funny how things happen so close together. First let me say I know my family loves me, I love them, but they are by far one of the most dysfunctional groups I have ever known. Lets give you a brief recap of my family … Continue reading Frustrations

Dream: Drugs and Stuff

I have been up since 3:15am because of a dream It started out fairly ok, it was me, Sage, Sean, an old friend named Jay and a couple of people I don't know. We were out in the boonies when Sage and Jay get this idea to score some drugs. The drugs came in the … Continue reading Dream: Drugs and Stuff

Dream: Dad in a home

I woke up this morning from a very disturbing dream. I dreamt my parents had gotten another fish tank. It was a weird design (I think 40 gallon) and it had lots of little fish. My dad then told me he was moving into some sort of home (not a old folks home, but it … Continue reading Dream: Dad in a home


Well just had to post that my CS Team Innsmouth Taint had a solid victory last night (15-9) against another clan called Wasted. We had excellent CT's strats and decent T strats. In the end we had won about halfway through the second half so then we ended up just playing for fun (we had … Continue reading WOOT