Dreams 7-29-18

Last night I had a dream that really kind of bothered me. It was in an old house my parents had rented when I was a kid, on Iron Street. There were some differences, mainly my parents were the same age they are now (as was I), there were flourescent lights behind plexiglass advertisements on … Continue reading Dreams 7-29-18


Well this wasn't the update I wanted to post, but its funny how things happen so close together. First let me say I know my family loves me, I love them, but they are by far one of the most dysfunctional groups I have ever known. Lets give you a brief recap of my family … Continue reading Frustrations

Anxiety Dream

Well I awoke this morning with an anxiety dream. I dreamt I was working in a new Doctors office, I realize my dad has an appointment so I go into his room to  talk with him. I notice the nurse/ma filling out paperwork with the wrong name and info. I tell the nurse/ma that the … Continue reading Anxiety Dream

Christmas 2004 and Telling the boss to fuck off.

Merry Christmas everyone. This last week has been very interesting. First I go to work on Wednesday sick to check to make sure everyone is ok. I walk in find the girl that is "helping out the office" is on my computer typing a letter introducing herself as the new Office Manager (btw I am … Continue reading Christmas 2004 and Telling the boss to fuck off.

Dream from Last Night, Bedtime Prayer

Well I had a rather bizarre dream that involved me sitting at a restaurant, I came out to find someone had plowed into the back of my pickup (the rusty blue GMC we currently own) and they had totaled thier car and my car, funny enough I wasn't really angry, just sort of like "damn". … Continue reading Dream from Last Night, Bedtime Prayer

Mother’s Heart Attack

Freaked out would be an understatement. I am sorry to everyone who has to read this. I hate bitching about my situation but I am pretty worried about my mother. For those of you that don't know I got a call at 7am this morning. My mother had a major heart attack, after hours of … Continue reading Mother’s Heart Attack

Dream: Dad in a home

I woke up this morning from a very disturbing dream. I dreamt my parents had gotten another fish tank. It was a weird design (I think 40 gallon) and it had lots of little fish. My dad then told me he was moving into some sort of home (not a old folks home, but it … Continue reading Dream: Dad in a home

Another Wierd Dream

Ok here it is, I had a dream last night that bothered me. It started out with me being washed up on the shores of Japan. It must have been early times and it sorta was a cross between Last Samurai and Shogun. There wasn't any sort of fighting though, or war, rather it was … Continue reading Another Wierd Dream