Productive Day and Strange Week

This morning has already been extremely productive (and I haven't even hit 9am here). I woke up at 5am bright and bushy. This is strange considering I have quit coffee and my tea isn't the largest habit. I woke up, fixed myself some oatmeal, worked on my CPA study material for about an hour and then … Continue reading Productive Day and Strange Week

Great Day

Yesterday was an awesome day. It started out a little bit down as I wasn’t feeling very good. However by the time it was 11am I was feeling better. The day can be broken down like this: We went and saw Machete. This was an awesome film and my quote of the day “Machete does … Continue reading Great Day

Wearing the horns

I figured I would write this down quickly and try and go back to bed (even though I have to get up god awful early). I promised myself I would write the dreams down, even if they sucked or didn't make sense. I should note that this is a dream, so I do not hold it against anyone 🙂 I dreamed that … Continue reading Wearing the horns

Strange Dreams

I had a couple of dreams last night that were intertwined and rather strange. I don't remember everything but I felt I should write down what I do remember. The first dream had me as some sort of "Dark Knight" superhero. I spent most of the dream trying to avoid being arrested while stopping the bad guys. It comprised of me going … Continue reading Strange Dreams

Dream 08-07-08

Last night I had a rather strange dream. Heresyoftruth & I were both living in a mobile home much like what we used to live in. The only difference is the floor plan was reversed. I was looking out the living room window (the side window, only this time it was facing the pond) and … Continue reading Dream 08-07-08

Dreams 10-10-06

Last night I had a horrible dream about me and the wife living in a huge "futuristic" city. Things were starting to go wrong and I knew that someone was launching some sort of nuclear weapons (actually they were aliens launching something else, but it was similar in effect).  No one would believe me and … Continue reading Dreams 10-10-06

Dreams 7-29-18

Last night I had a dream that really kind of bothered me. It was in an old house my parents had rented when I was a kid, on Iron Street. There were some differences, mainly my parents were the same age they are now (as was I), there were flourescent lights behind plexiglass advertisements on … Continue reading Dreams 7-29-18

Nasty Dream

Ok, last night I woke up at 2:30 with a terrible dream, terrible enough I had goosebumps and couldnt talk, but when I awoke this morning I don't remember it. However I do remember a nasty dream I had as well, this dream is very much TMI, but I need to post it, because I … Continue reading Nasty Dream

Dream: Hunting Evil Fae

Ok, most of the dream  I dont remember. What I do remember is I was hunting in this old abandoned warehouse several evil "fey" like creatures (smaller then human with abilities but looked human). I caught one peacefully enough. The next time I was standing on a grate. I felt a needle pierce my foot … Continue reading Dream: Hunting Evil Fae

Dreams: On the Bus

I had a bizarre dream last night.  Me and Wifey were riding the bus. We kept riding the bus even though one would get off and then the other would, and then one would get back on, etc. While we were riding the bus some young girls came over and hit on me, explaining I … Continue reading Dreams: On the Bus