Productive Day and Strange Week

This morning has already been extremely productive (and I haven’t even hit 9am here). I woke up at 5am bright and bushy. This is strange considering I have quit coffee and my tea isn’t the largest habit. I woke up, fixed myself some oatmeal, worked on my CPA study material for about an hour and then deleted almost 2,000 duplicate photos in my iPhoto. I then backed up my photos. At this point I turned on Burt Lancaster’s 1964 movie “The Train” because I felt in the mood for an old school World War II movie. I then got on my exercise bike and did 30 minutes there.  Then I showered and am now backing up the rest of my stuff and I should be good to go, all before 9am.

Earlier this week was a little strange. I have been working out in a county school district doing their annual audit. Wednesday I got to work and noticed two older high school girls standing outside the window. They were probably 16-18 range. The little blonde noticed and and walked up and knocked on the window. I looked up and she waved at me. I smiled back and waved. Something told me I had just done the wrong thing.

After the next period (I could hear the bells) the girl shows up with three of her friends. They all knock, wave and giggle. I am now uncomfortable. There is something very predatory about a gaggle of teenage girls. I have always been uncomfortable being looked at by teenage girls, first in high school because I was attracted to them and felt shy, now because I am old enough to be their dad and am even more weirded out (not for the same reason). The flirting then commenced for the next 2 hours. I ignored them and didn’t respond but they came by every break. One of the admin people at the office commented that something had the girls in a strange mood.

This eventually stopped when another auditor arrived (a woman) and they left me alone for the day. Of course  gave me a hard time. At least I am not stupid enough like many guys to think they liked me (nor would I want them to). Its just a pack of girls testing out social boundaries. However, this morning I hadn’t had caffeine and I wasn’t in the mood to be nice (but I wasn’t mean). As I walked up to the building with my laptop the blonde came running over. She started asking me questions but I shushed her and said I had a question. She stopped and a huge smile came across her face. I then asked her what lipstick she was wearing, she said something (but I have no idea what it was except red). I smiled at her and said thank you, that my boyfriend would really love that color.

I had never intended to say that, I was tired and wasn’t thinking and that came out of my mouth. She just stared at me for a second, then the howls of laughter started up from her friends behind her. The laughter wasn’t directed at me, it was directed at her. I had evidently won some sort of exchange (not sure what it was). I wandered into the building and haven’t seen hide nor hair of her the rest of the week. Part of me feels a little bad, but I don’t have the time to deal with it, and honestly last thing I need is someone else seeing me talk to a high school girl.

Other than that, everything has been going fairly well. I hear the wife moving around so I should go ūüôā


Great Day

Yesterday was an awesome day. It started out a little bit down as I wasn’t feeling very good. However by the time it was 11am I was feeling better. The day can be broken down like this:

  • We went and saw Machete. This was an awesome film and my quote of the day ‚ÄúMachete does not text‚ÄĚ.
  • We had a good dinner (we shared half of a small vegetarian pizza and some sushi) at home.
  • Ran my wife a solo game.
  • Had awesome sex

Overall the day was excellent. I went to sleep and then had some weird dreams and woke up at 3:30am.

The dream wasn’t bad. It was me and ethicalcannibal in some sort of coffee shop/restuarant. It reminded me a lot of some of the small places you will find in Fairhaven.

We had brought in our own seafood and the man behind the barista/restaurant counter was adding it to a meal he was cooking for us. Meanwhile there was a set of stairs that went up to an upper lobby/seating area. As ethicalcannibal and I were trying to go up the stairs a guy started chatting with us. This lasted forever, him talking and the two of us awkwardly standing on these very small stairs. Eventually the guy left and I noticed the wife taking her pants off. I looked at her confusedly and asked what she was doing. She said she was taking a shower.

She then ran upstairs in her underwear and disappeared.  I sat down at the bottom of the stairs on a couch. as I laid across it I noticed a tiny spiderweb draped across the couch. I pushed it away and noticed a tiny spider. I blew on it a couple of times, I didn‚Äôt want to hurt it and was trying to get it to go away. All of a sudden the web was a lot bigger and encompassed most of the couch above me. I then noticed the spider was no longer tiny but its body was the size of a softball and I was trying to kick it off the couch. It kept running back up on my legs and that is when I woke up.

I have a feeling my sleep was a little off because I drank coffee in the evening. It was the first time in over a month, I did it so I didn’t fall asleep during the game I ran the wife. Well I learned my lesson, and I definitely will try to avoid it (unless necessary).


Wearing the horns

I¬†figured I would write this down quickly and try and go back to bed (even though I¬†have to get up god awful early). I¬†promised myself I¬†would write the dreams down, even if they sucked or didn’t make sense. I¬†should note that this is a dream, so I¬†do not hold it against anyone ūüôā

I¬†dreamed that hubby¬†and I¬†were running Dying Light. At least I¬†assume it was Dying Light. The camp was different though, there seemed to be a stream that ran through it, and multiple cabins (it wasn’t a camp I¬†have seen before). I¬†remember looking around and noting that a lot of people had really cool decorations, including theater lighting type stuff. There were buildings with detailed decorations hanging in windows, I¬†could hear voices in the distance enjoying themselves.

We were sitting in the plot/logistics cabin, checking the occasional person in (and our age group was much wider than it is now). During this time a lot of sex things were happening sort of off camera. Not involving me or hubby¬†, I¬†just felt others were “being busy” in other rooms. I¬†got uncomfortably propositioned by one of the guys and really wasn’t interested. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some guys I¬†consider attractive, and I have scored low on purity tests dealing with guys, but I¬†am definitely geared for women :).¬†

hubby¬†then placed a large set of horns on my head and gave me a large kiss. Something felt a little off about that, but I¬†wasn’t sure. It didn’t feel like she was dressing me like a beastman.

I¬†was sitting on the couch helping Mr. G (name changed to try and not embarrass anyone who may have been named in real life) when hubby¬†sat between me and him on the couch, she then leaned over on my lap and grabbed my horns with a smile, she smelled a bit like wine and she nuzzled me and said she was a bit drunk. I¬†chuckled to her that we should go sleep together (she had that semi-horny, buzzed girl voice/movement going). Now, I¬†am not sure but I¬†think in my dream talk I¬†might have said something like Toothy and I (her character) just because of her response. She shook her head, “no….¬†Sage¬†wants to go sleep with Mr. G …”. I¬†was a bit shocked by that, and stammered a bit. I¬†felt really ashamed (I¬†think this may have been worse due to the fact that Mr. G was sitting right on the other side of her) and she chuckled at me just tugging at my horns. She then leaned over towards the other person about to kiss him. That’s when I awoke to a loud beating heart.

I¬†felt like I¬†was kicked in the gut. I¬†wasn’t mad at Mr. G, I¬†was embarrassed that she had turned me down and then said she wanted to sleep with someone else within earshot of that other person and the rest of plot camp. I¬†also felt weird that she used a name she no longer uses.¬†

In reality I¬†am not angry at my beautiful wife, she has done nothing wrong, but it bothered me to be cuckolded in my dream (and no I¬†don’t know why at the time I¬†thought of the term cuckolded). I¬†then got up to write this down. Oh, and a side note about wearing horns, the term “wearing the horns” means to be cuckolded or to have an adulterous wife (you can also say that nowadays about men). I¬†must have picked up that little bit of subconscious knowledge in the past, unfortunately to have it pushed at me during an anxiety dream.

No my wife is not adulterous, and funny enough we have an open marriage and in real life I don’t get jealous, it was just an anxiety dream (this is one of the areas I get anxiety in). Just not sure why I am so anxious. I better get some sleep, I am going to crawl back in with my beautiful wife who loves me. Pardon my writeup, I know I sound stilted and a bit like mojo-jojo.

Strange Dreams

I had a couple of dreams last night that were intertwined and rather strange. I don’t remember everything but I felt I should write down what I do remember.

The first dream had me as some sort of “Dark Knight” superhero. I spent most of the dream trying to avoid being arrested while stopping the bad guys. It comprised of me going up and down an elevator trying to fool the cops on which floor I was going to. Eventually I ended up on the second floor of this corporate tower. I ran out one of the open windows and onto a ledge that was only about 4 feet from the ground. At this point I saw sage running by laughing at me, she was only wearing her panties and she pulled them down revealing her (really nice) ass. I tripped, stumbled and found myself in a second dream.

The second dream was me flying some sort of space fighter across the surface of the planet. The surface was pock marked with large ponds of lava (that was similar in color to the ground, but I could still distinguish it). I then landed the fighter and found myself on the surface with a remote controlled vehicle that could fire weapons. It was at this point I saw my once again naked wife (no panties this time) running around the ponds distracting me (like she does with video games in real life). All of a sudden my remote controlled vehicle could fire water so I started shooting it at her playfully. She was laughing when I noticed she was running right into a shallow pool of lava. I woke up when she was shin deep in it and realized it wasn’t land. – I didn’t like the ending of that dream, it woke me up and force me to get up all the way.

That was it.

Dream 08-07-08

Last night I had a rather strange dream. Heresyoftruth & I were both living in a mobile home much like what we used to live in. The only difference is the floor plan was reversed. I was looking out the living room window (the side window, only this time it was facing the pond) and I noticed a SUV in the middle of the pond. I called over to heresyoftruth and as she walked to where I was looking a bunch of 17-19 year old showed up. After a brief conversation we agreed to help them get the SUV out (the strange part was I was snickering because they were so young).

Later in the dream heresyoftruth and I were riding a bus. It was full of loud obnoxious people and I had to poke someone in the back of the head to get them to stop picking on someone. During this time the wife and I were talking about the possibility of maybe bringing in a third party to our relationship. For some reason the bus dropped us off in what looked like the old Rite Aid by Bellis Fair (across the street from it).

The strange thing was there was a large chainlink fence behind it (about 12 feet tall), with an apartment complex parellel across the road that goes past the Rite Aid. Somehow we knew beyond that fence was the Mexican border. We got off right before the fence and walked into the store right next to the Rite Aid. It was a liquor store and we both had stocked up and walked out the side door. On the side of the liquor store was a small rock wall with a few trees, bordered by the chainlink fence to Mexico. We could see the apartment complex across the street. It had somehow become night in the time we were in the store.

All of a sudden Nyarlathotep (all 100 feet tall version of him) stepped across the fence onto the American side of the border. We ducked up against the rock wall and the creature went on deeper into the US and out of our sight. We both stood up and heard a noise. We turned and two very attractive women (almost twins) were standing on the rocks. They were dressed in nun habits, but their eyes were glowing. They really didn’t say much, they jumped off the rocks and landed beside us. For some reason I kept thinking Succubus, not exactly, but close enough that I was both intrigued and worried. One came over to me, started touching me lightly and sniffing me almost in an animalistic way (but still damn hot, yes I have weird kinks). The other had gone over to heresyoftruth and was kissing her neck, much to the enjoyment of heresy (I could tell by the little whimpers she sometimes makes when she is happy, and boy is she probably going to kill me for saying that).

Thats when I woke up. I was both sad and relieved I had woken up then, even in the dream I knew the odds were they were probably going to eat us, but really how often do two hot mexican women dressed like nuns come up to you and your wife like that?

Dreams 10-10-06

Last night I had a horrible dream about me and the wife living in a huge “futuristic” city. Things were starting to go wrong and I knew that someone was launching some sort of nuclear weapons (actually they were aliens launching something else, but it was similar in effect). 

No one would believe me and I kept trying to tell people to get out of the city. As it turned out, not only was a couple of these bombs going off in the city, but some had gone off in the ocean we were a port on, causing a huge tidal wave to be coming in.

Then the dream flipped around a little bit and we were running through ruins and across countryside trying to avoid being killed.

It really did hurt a lot when my left arm was splintered off my body (bone splinters jutting from my upper arm bone), but I kept going, for some reason didn’t bleed out.

I then woke up covered in sweat, I was going to try and go to work this morning, but no that wont work, too wobbly and hot. Sucked down some of my favorite stuff (Dayquil) and I don’t feel nearly as wobbly. No matter what I have to go to class today, our attendance is part of our grade in both my classes today and if I lose some of those points it needs to be because I am puking, not because I am sweaty, lol I can write notes if I am sweaty.

Oh, and I never did post this, last weekend I had a dream about busty naked girls who were farming my coffee bean farm. The dream didn’t get too explicit, but it was pretty damn cool.

Dreams 7-29-18

Last night I had a dream that really kind of bothered me.

It was in an old house my parents had rented when I was a kid, on Iron Street. There were some differences, mainly my parents were the same age they are now (as was I), there were flourescent lights behind plexiglass advertisements on the corner of the wall/ceiling and my parents were sitting there being a bit spacey.

A younger brunette with a very alternative look was there as well. She introduced herself to me, but something bothered me when she did so (and I cannot seem to remember her name). She followed me around my parents house while I got some coffee and lunch. I noticed some weird plastic cap thingees in the sink. 

The dark haired girl with the peircings and chopped up tee-shirt kept coming on to me (no it was not a representation of the wife), she was in the corner of my dream house somewhere and I knew it). She even went so far as to push her ass up against me every chance she got. But I continued to ignore her.

I went back out into the living room, just as I was doing that, my little brother Bear was shooting up drugs (heroin). I freaked out on him and he said my parents were doing it as well. It dawned on me that they were nodding out and I immediately understood the plastic thingees were needle caps.

I freaked out, went into the living room and confronted my parents. They said that yes, they are doing it. I found out it was from the dark haired alternative girl that they started and it was too late for them to now quit. 

I immediately woke up. Its not that my parents haven’t tried all drugs (they have), but they have never been fond of forcing drugs into your veins directly. I also realize this dream most likely because my aunt Ines had a heart attack last week (sounds even more severe then my mother’s two years ago). She lived a life of a junkie, not my parents sometimes doing drugs or drinking, but a full blown, sticking needles in her arm with her daughter (my cousin) Sarah.

I worry about my mom. She is the youngest of them (Ines is 59, my mom 57, and the oldest aunt Ardis is 62 I believe). My mom is likely to be hurt and cry if something happens to Ines. Sadly enough Ines never really acted like she cared about my mom (most junkies don’t/can’t care about others while fucked up) and never really contacted my mom, after her big heart attack. So I honestly don’t feel emotional at all about my middle aunt having a heart attack. Of course I don’t want to see her die, but selfishly that is mostly so I don’t have to see my mom suffer.

Well, that is it for now, exhausted, maybe I can get back to sleep.

Nasty Dream

Ok, last night I woke up at 2:30 with a terrible dream, terrible enough I had goosebumps and couldnt talk, but when I awoke this morning I don’t remember it.

However I do remember a nasty dream I had as well, this dream is very much TMI, but I need to post it, because I promised myself to start recording all my dreams.

Ok, the dream involved me, Wifey, a girl named Karma and a girl named Muff (Denise). Now this took place current age/date (except I was in a bit better shape and Wifey was her current age but stick thin like back in the gutter punk days, (Karma was also pretty thin, something she wasn’t when I knew her.

To give you a little background all four of us knew each other when we were 16-19, it was almost the same social group (actually more like two social groups that would bump into each other). Karma had offered me sex twice straight up when I was 17, I turned her down both times because she was going out with my best friend (even though he had said it was ok, it wasn’t ok). Muff was a girl I liked but she had too many boyfriends/fucktoys for me to ever really pursue her (although I could have if I wanted).¬†

On a side note Wifey also went out with my best friend Doug (same guy that was dating Karma earlier), never did approach her then either even though I was really attracted to her even at age 17, but ended up happily married to her, so that’s all good.

Now, the four of us were sitting in a living room like area, just kind of talking and stuff when Wifey looks up and says she wants to give me a blow job (this is not necessarily out of the ordinary, there have been parties or groups we have played publicly in). I looked at her and said “Right here?” she said yes and patted a large sofa like thing. I looked over at Karma and Muff, kind of shrugged and said sure (this is not necessarily out of the ordinary of what has been done in the past in front of friends).

The unusual part was I had a unforeseen issue, a premature firing before she got my pants off all the way (this is extremely out of the ordinary, never ever had this problem, in actuality, I have had the reverse problem where no matter what I couldn’t finish) it caught me off guard but Wifey just joked a bit and it was no big deal.

We are still not at the TMI yet, be warned its coming and you really should avert your eyes from this.

The other two girls were joking around, I got the impression we all had an open friendship (done it in the past, and it usually works well in the beginning until someone outside of me and Wifey gets jealous that we put each other first.

This proceeded fine, when Wifey, Karma, and Muff went into a different room, no biggie and I watched a bit of tv.

A few minutes later I hear the girls yelling for me to come in. So I walk in and Muff, Karma, and a boy I don’t recognize are in the bathtub, no biggie, Wifey is on the side of the tub kind of sitting there (for some reason at this moment I realize she has super blonde hair, love that color on Wifey). I notice though as they motion for me to join them that Muff is taking a big ol’ shit in the bathtub while Karma is trying not to ralph as she eats it (yes gross), meanwhile muff is sucking up some of the scat into her snatch, definately gross.

For some reason at this point I got the image this was specifically being done for purity points, its nasty and one of the few things that I won’t do (done a lot, scat is not really one of my things).

I then look over at Wifey who smiles at me broadly, is obviously done trying to participate but I notice she has a small clump of scat on her chin.

That totally grossed me out and woke me up.

It was a bit funny, I know that scat is something Wifey loathes and wouldn’t do, it struck me as almost funny now that she was even involved. But Karma almost ralphing as she tries and eats Muff’s scat was what really grossed me out, it was that brownish-yellowish kind that was a bit creamy in texture (especially in a half-full bathtub).

Sorry, had to share this with the world. 

It was fucked up, TMI and you probably now wish you hadn’t read that dream I bet.

Dream: Hunting Evil Fae

Ok, most of the dream  I dont remember.

What I do remember is I was hunting in this old abandoned warehouse several evil “fey” like creatures (smaller then human with abilities but looked human). I caught one peacefully enough. The next time I was standing on a grate. I felt a needle pierce my foot and someone inject something that burned into my foot from below.

I turned around and it was another “fey” except this fey looked exactly like Sage except her entire eyes were black and she was mostly naked. She laughed at me and said she had just injected me with Actinic Keratosis. I turned to her and triumphantly said “AHAH!!!! I am immune to Actinic Keratosis” I eventually captured here and she attempted to bribe me with nakedness (I wont go any further there).

I still snicker when I think I yelled “AHAH!!! I am immune to Actinic Keratosis” its just silly.

editors note: Actinic Keratosis is red scaly lesions usually on face/hands/head, I am sure this is from my job where I transcribe medical procedures for the doc and the PA.

Dreams: On the Bus

I had a bizarre dream last night. 

Me and Wifey were riding the bus. We kept riding the bus even though one would get off and then the other would, and then one would get back on, etc. While we were riding the bus some young girls came over and hit on me, explaining I was way older then them and it wouldn’t be appropriate considering I am married.

Then we were riding the bus again (still night time). W had her shirt partially open and I could see her bra. On her bra was a little sticky note that said “Go Ahead and Open Me”. Then we were back to talking to people on the bus. Evidently me and W ran a nightclub and we were promoting it.

Then I woke up,

strange dream.