False Patriotism Day

 Well I survived False Patriotism Day. Don't get me wrong, its sad that 3,000 people died that day, but lets put it in perspective. 1. Iraq War: 4,474 (and slowly creeping) 2. Afghanistan War: 1,776 (and not so creeping) 3. Dead due to drunk drivers: Approximately 130,000 since 2001  4. Dead due to lack of … Continue reading False Patriotism Day

Bailout bullshit

I say here and now that this whole bailout is bullshit its a last desperate gasp of the corrupt administration and rich backers. I have been reading some articles and there are non banking institutions who are claiming money from the government (including Rudy Guiliani's company wanting money to help with the bailout).  Not a single … Continue reading Bailout bullshit

Night/Day/and stuff.

Woke up this morning at 5:10am. I am sad for the Wife because she was awake before then and is having problems sleeping. I awoke from two dreams last night. The first dream was a more realistic version of Street Fighter. I was one of the "mutants" we were all rounded up and someone threatened … Continue reading Night/Day/and stuff.


I was watching the news. Evidently Bush is passing a tax cut for 70Billion dollars through the House and may pass the Senate today. The Republicans are touting it as a victory. I am just confused on why we are cutting taxes when the government is spending an ever increasing amount on military and "Homeland … Continue reading WTF?

United 93

So wtf is up with the movie United 93. I have a few objections. 1. We don't know the real story, we have a few cell phone communications, by no means could we possibly know that the way shit went down, actually went down that way. So in my opinion its about as truthful to … Continue reading United 93

Did I miss the memo?

I have been thinking a lot recently of the Conservative Christian movement (and God Warrior is the one that sparked it). When did Jesus say it was ok to kill someone for any reason? I am pretty damn sure Jesus doesnt want anyone killed for any reason, not for your own safety, not for your … Continue reading Did I miss the memo?

Where are your papers?

Sieg Heil, WHERE ARE YOUR PAPERS? Yes its happening, we are becoming just like Communist Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany and many other lovable places. REAL-ID act passed 100-0 in the Senate and now goes to the president to be signed. This means everyone will be required to get Federal ID so the FBI/Customs/Border Patrol/DEA/ … Continue reading Where are your papers?

Fucked Up

http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/2255.html An Army Captain was found guilty of killing a wounded Iraqi they mistakenly thought was an insurgent. Now it wasn't even that the Iraqi was killed accidently in the first salvo. They had stopped the car, killed one person and the wounded Iraqi was laying there bleeding. The Captain walked up, put the pistol … Continue reading Fucked Up

Fucked up religious right wing republicans

This morning (after having woke up at 415am) I was watching tv. A scene for the 700 Club came on and Pat Robertson was talking about President Bush helping America. It then dawned on me how fucked up that was. Nobody who claims to be christian should be supporting this war. I believe distinctly the … Continue reading Fucked up religious right wing republicans

Opinion: Prisoner Abuse Scandal

I was thinking about the acts committed during the Iraqi prisoner scandal. I find what was done horrendous, terrible, and just plain wicked. I have heard some people complain that it isn't that bad, but it would be the equivalent of making hardcore Christians do things that would make them burn in hell (sexual things, … Continue reading Opinion: Prisoner Abuse Scandal