Christmas Trees

Obviously, I probably won’t post daily… as is evidenced by the two days that passed without a word from me, but I can keep up on photos and I can still give it a shot (one of the two photos last post was from 1/2/2022 so I am still caught up).

January 2nd, 2022.

Sunday was fantastic though, the hubby and I just hung out while he cooked food and I ran him games. That is a perfect kind of day for me. It helps push away my mental health fight and gives me some peace and quiets the gerbils in my head.

I also put away the Christmas trees. That was a kind of fun adventure. It started at the beginning of December where we couldn’t find the normal tree we use, and to be honest it was a pain the ass last year so I thought we had dumped it.

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2021 Holiday Time

Happy Holidays everyone, my Christmas was great. I got to spend it with my husband, best friend, and lover (lol yep they are the same). My hubby has made my life bearable and I can never express to him how much I treasure that.

He is my life. Here he is saying hi.
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