Update, Web and Home

I thought I would give a brief update of everything. I think it might be a lot of things so I will try and separate them out and address them in small paragraphs.

1. Home Hunting: Things are going pretty well. We put an offer on the good condo I mentioned in the prior post. It started at 80k. After we looked at it, it went down to 75k a few days later. After talking a bit, the wife and I decided to put an offer in for 70k plus they cover closing costs. The owner accepted after asking for 15 more days for bank approval and we pay two months of HoA fees instead of one. Considering they agreed to $2,500 more in closing costs for $257 more in HoA we were ok with that. The snag in all of this is that the condo is a short sale. So now Chase bank will take 2-3 months to decide if they will take it or if they will counter-offer. W really likes the home so I am willing to pay the list price. In the end even list price the condo, with HoA and taxes will be the same price as our current apartment, so if it works out its a win win.

2. Job: My new job is working out fairly well. The people are nice, and very patient. My only issues lie mostly in the fact that I have never been an “accountant” before so tossing me on the hardest fund as basically their full time analyst, plus giving me two other funds and two outside agency oversite is a little overwhelming. While my experience as an auditor and tax accountant has actually added a whole ton of things I bring to the accounting, I still have to dust off accounting techniques that were in school about 7 years ago. Two months down, I will know more in four months how I feel about accounting as opposed to auditing. Both have positives and negatives, we will see where the chips lie then.

3. Family: Things are doing ok, while it looks like my dad has lung cancer, it isn’t confirmed until his next appointment in January. I am going to do the best I can to avoid worrying about things. The wife is under a lot of stress with school, I feel like I haven’t seen her in months, and with the new job and new possible living situation my stress has probably made it hard for her to feel like I have been around.

4. Hobbies: I haven’t felt like doing much video game/web wise. I do have a ton of LP’s that I had wrapped up early that are scheduled and coming out fairly regularly. But strangely I really haven’t been playing much. I have been digging around the idea of drawing/writing again. I think I will start doing that, even if my content is usually fairly “adult” in nature. I want to get one group game going again, maybe that will get me out of this funk. I am thinking though it wont be a real space game, I am considering a google plus hangout game. I keep most of my stuff online anyways, and there are a lot more people available to play if I do it online.

5. Online: Finally my online habits are in the air. Currently I post a lot on Google Plus, and W and I have tumblr accounts (right now it just mirrors here). We have talked about shutting down most of our websites and using tumblr, but my problem is the lack of format capability with tumblr. So next week or so I have to figure out if I want to use tumblr sites or continue to use my domains. While originally I was considering tumblr only, I think I may keep a couple of domains open just so I can keep gaming campaigns going (and just have them repost to tumblr).

I am rambling now, so I will let you all go. I want to try and post more. I will post up W and I’s tumblrs in the next few posts.

Day One

Day One:

First two condos looked at. The location is awesome, about 10 blocks away from where we are now. Right next to a QFC, a pub, and a strip mall with a bunch of shops I would go to.

The first condo in the ‘plex wasn’t too bad. A little dated and the living room is a little weird, but it was solid and even dated definitely useable. Its close to the upper end of what we want to spend so we are not sure, we will look at several others and it may take months for us to decide for it.

The second condo in the same place was about 15% more expensive then the first (right at our upper edge), they advertised it bigger but it seemed much smaller. The smell was horrific and the bathrooms/kitchen really subpar. A definite no.

So we put the first in the “possible” option. Our realtor is being pretty cool (and I have to say I think my initial observation about him might have been wrong, I think he was trying to warn us about the bank process). He is going to look at some in Everett for us as well. He thinks there is more bang for our buck. Considering I work in Everett the location wouldn’t be bad (I could walk/bus to work and the wife could take the car).

The Start

I am super nervous. Our realtor will be meeting with us tomorrow night to look over two possible condos. We have a huge list, and these two are actually only about 10 blocks from us (right on the other side of the college). Now, one is a short sale and the other is bank owned so if we like it, it will probably take forever. However that is fine, we are secure where we are and the more time gets me more time to put money away to get Wolsey a car (before the student loans kick in).

The cool thing is the base house payment (and HoA) for any condo we get will be the same or cheaper than our current ghetto apartment. Even with taxes our upper end condo budget will not be much more than the apartment we had in Everett.

Its the start of the home owner journey. I am freaking out with stress, but within 6 months to a year we should have a home. I will be less nervous after my year probationary period ends at my new job and we will be doing awesome when the wife graduates.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Stressful Day

Day started out great, liking my job a lot (will post about my new job in a bit). Day became stressful, wife found a single roach in a back closet. She talked to manager, manager thinks its our downstairs neighbor.

I then called our actual landlord (the owner) and left a message. He left a message that someone would be out tomorrow to “take care of it” and then next week they will spray the entire building at once.
So that is partial good news… ok, its just crappy news that only partially offsets the bad news.
The day ended well though, we went to BECU and preliminary they think they will be able to approve a loan (but wont get confirmation until Wednesday so I wont hold my breath). We are thinking of a condo (or perhaps a mobile home).
So we are tentatively looking for a condo/mobile, and when full approval comes we will do that. We will probably have to jump our lease unless we take a long time and don’t find a place until next summer. However, I am willing to do that.
It is remarkable timing though, I am waiting for 200 hours worth of vacation and that should be enough for the 3.5% (or more if we get a cheaper place) downpayment.
Maybe this was all destined 🙂
Oh, and we noted no other roaches, we ripped apart the closet, then all the rest of the closets. Then we ripped apart the bathroom and kitchen and not a single sign of anything. We are hoping it was only a scout (we hadn’t seen one in the three months we have been here before this). We are crossing our fingers.