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Fucked up religious right wing republicans

This morning (after having woke up at 415am) I was watching tv. A scene for the 700 Club came on and Pat Robertson was talking about President Bush helping America. It then dawned on me how fucked up that was. Nobody who claims to be christian should be supporting this war. I believe distinctly the bible says “Thou shalt not kill” it doesn’t say “Thou shalt not kill unless its an arab or a terrorist”.

Also thinking back to the new testament. It is my firm belief that Jesus would be horrified that anyone who claims to follow god or his teachings would go and kill someone, let alone to another country to do it. I believe he said “turn the other cheek” (and he didn’t mean only once). He even died rather then fight back. Yet hardcore christians support the “War on Terror”, hypocritical bastards are going to burn in their own hell.

Sorry, was just overwhelmed with disgust with our conservative “christian” brigade. Claim to follow jesus and the bible yet wage war (no matter the reason, Jesus didn’t say it was ok to kill a bunch of arabs if the twin towers got destroyed).

Weirdly enough, the only public leader (not Mother Teresa) who has ever abided by Jesus’s code wasn’t even a Christian. Rather that person was a Hindu (Ghandi for those of you who don’t realize who I am talking about). I think its damn funny that a Hindu man (great man at that) is more “Christian” then any Christian I know who supports this damn “war on terror”.

Man, Pat Robertson and all of you “Christians” out there supporting the war are fucked up. I would suggest you all go read the bible again or at least don’t claim to follow Jesus.

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Opinion: Prisoner Abuse Scandal

I was thinking about the acts committed during the Iraqi prisoner scandal. I find what was done horrendous, terrible and just plain wicked. I have heard some people complain that it isn’t that bad, but it would be the equivelant of making hard core christians do things that would make them burn in hell (sexual things, blasphemy, etc) and either way its a horrible thing.

I was also thinking there wouldnt even be a hesitation with anyone if we found out an American prison, full of american prisoners were treated in an equally foul manner. We would not only demand release of those prisoners, plus punishment of the guards, we would demand extradition of those guards to have them stand trial here for crimes committed against our people.

You may be asking what I am getting too, here it is.

I am for not only releasing the guards from thier military service with dishonorable discharge, but I would also consider the possibility of handing them over to the Iraqi government (once its solidified) and let them try them for crimes against thier own people.

Now, I know I am going to get flack, but honestly, we would expect anyone that violated our people’s rights to be extradited here and face trial, why wouldn’t we do that for other countries?

Oh, and don’t fool yourself, you all know if that did happen to our citizens, everyone would clamor for the people at fault to be shipped over here and tried.

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Opinion: Tired of the “Freedom in Iraq” Rhetoric

I think I have had enough “arm chair” soldiers talk how we are giving freedom to the Iraqi people. In fact we are invading them and occupying them. Many of my friends who do believe in the war claim that terrorists are now attacking our troops. I hate to break it to you but I would consider them Iraqi Freedom Fighters.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I want a single one of our troops to die, I also do believe that the soldiers over there need to do whatever they can to maintain thier own lives, and unfortunately that means killing Iraqis.

However, for us to invade another country is not moral. Especially since President Bush forced the issue of WMD and Terrorism when in fact Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction (evidently Blix was right) and no affiliations with Al-Queda. In fact it has been shown that since day one of his office (before 9-11) Bush has had his eyes on Iraq. I realize there is a lot of oil, and he is probably wishing to finish what his daddy started but he was wrong in what he did.

In 1936 Hitler claimed he was “pre-emptively” striking and reclaiming lost lands, actually if you read history much of Hitler’s reasons for taking over Austria and the rest of the little countries before Poland was the exact same reason that Bush gave.

We did not have the right to invade another country “pre-emptively” especially when the U.N. told us it was wrong. We are not infallible and we are just swinging our big dick around telling the world we will do whatever we want. We sound like a bully.

I have detoured off my original rant so I will go back to it.

How can we expect Iraqis to accept us with military and governmental control. Supposedly we came to give them freedom but the new government on June 30th is not allowed to make laws, and not allowed to do many other things. Exactly how is that giving control back to the Iraqis. 

We have an army that consists mostly of 135,000 Western, White and Christian in a Muslim world. Exactly how well would we handle if China came over here with 1.35 million troops (thats exactly the same ratio of troops to us that we have to Iraqis, they only have 10% of our population), what if they invaded us took over and said for our own “good” we would have to listen to them. We are not U.N. backed, we have no rights to be over there and we are being a big old bully.

I love my country, but I hate the weird “fervor” that has brewed, I wish some people would read more history, we are so very close to Berlin 1936 its not even funny. I do know if Bush wins, when I get out of school I may very well decide to find a foriegn place to live til America gets its head out of its ass.

Oh, by the way, I plan on becoming president in 2024. I have just purchased but it wont be valid until its registered by NIC (up to 3 days). I figure I can start my political career by slowly building up a site on why I should be president 🙂

*note from 9/2018 who would have thought this could be a serious thing, after all we voted Trump into office…