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One Month HRT Anniversary

Well tomorrow is my one month anniversary on HRT and it has gone better then expected!

No huge changes physically, but you can see a closer to resemblance to my sister on my face at the right angles. I think my skin is getting softer and it is definitely drier. I need to remember to lotion, it seems so alien to me.

It is even more noticeable on my face where the laser removal did work. I only have done it once, I have four or five more appointments, but I have strips of dark beard that are gone permanently. Like I said though, the skin in the blank spots is WAY softer.

In addition since I decided to come out 8 weeks ago I have lost more then 30lbs. I started at 300 and I am down to 268. Faster then expected and I realize it will slow down, but still working on it. 

The biggest difference though is my mental condition. While I do occasionally feel a bit more emotional, I feel so much calmer in my head. The voices and doubt are less, I sleep WAY better and I am more comfortable with myself. My depression is gone and I want to go out and do things. Now some of this is the HRT and some is just coming out and accepting who I am, but I will give credit to both.

I am keeping an open mind on how this will all pan out. However, I am extremely fortunate because my husband is incredibly supportive and with him, the HRT and me being myself all results in my physical and mental health is drastically improving no matter the end result.

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1st Day Taking HRT (day 1)

Today is the day, I am taking HRT for the first time!

My first dose 4/4/18

I am both excited and terrified. I am incredibly excited for my future and how I can express who I am. I am terrified of how this will impact my husband and our ability to make a living. He is completely supportive, and I am especially fortunate he understands since he went the other way.

I had to go pick up the meds today and so at 0830 I was there waiting for my script. The pharmacy tech was really nice and got me my meds fast. The weird part was no one talked to me about the meds or any instructions. 

The reason this is weird is the pharmacies always require us to listen to a pharmacist. Last Monday I was picking up vitamin D and they made me wait around for the pharmacist to tell me how to take it (even though I was already taking it). Yet for a hormone that is my first time receiving, nothing from a pharmacist.

This isn’t a big deal at all, was just a surprise. The tech was really nice though and asked if I was just starting and I said yes. He smiled broadly and wished me luck.

So I got home and since its twice a day I waited until the evening time for the dosage. That way I could take it with my hubby there. He was very supportive as well and I felt pretty safe.

Oh, and only a slight bit of indigestion after taking it (having eaten some KFC).

I am a fortunate girl, I think it might be a wild ride but I am looking forward to the rest of my life.

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HRT Appointment

Yesterday I went and saw my PA-c who will be handling my HRT. To be honest I was terrified she might be a gatekeeper, she might be judgmental, she might try and slow roll me.

I was wrong.

Colleen (I won’t use her last name just to keep some privacy until I come out publicly) was absolutely fantastic. She was funny, sarcastic and vaguely inappropriate in the right way.

She had no problem with the hubby being there and we all talked for about an hour and a half. She did ask me the normal questions, which I answered to the best of my ability. She was understanding of the situation and she didn’t even blink about starting me out on HRT immediately.

I did ask her about progesterone, she went over some of the most recent findings and after listening to her I had to agree I don’t think at least at this time I want to take that on top of the other two meds. She didn’t even start me on a half dose that I can tell.

I got estradiol 2 mg tablet x2 per day (for 4mg) and spironolactone 100 mg x2 per day (for 200mg). Those both seemed to be pretty in line with other ladies receive. I will come back in six weeks and get retested and see her again just to make sure everything is going ok.

We did end up going to the pharmacy that was part of her clinic and they were out of estradiol. They asked if we could come back, but since we don’t live in that city yet (that will be end of June/early July) we had them ship them to our normal pharmacy.

I am terrified about a lot of things right now, but not about what the HRT will do to me. I haven’t felt this sure about something in any of my life except for when I said yes to my husband when he proposed. The terror about everything else though will wait until tomorrow. I won’t worry about dealing with it. I have good news and that is what is important.