Photo Scanning: Scanning Print Photos (photography)


Here we are back to the infamous parents photo scanning project writeup. Today I wanted to talk about scanning the photos themselves. This is part two of three, hopefully next time I will talk about how I scanned my negatives.

Some of these steps are already done on the last post, but I wanted all the important stuff together. The process itself has gone through iterations with me and I will try and explain why below. Continue reading “Photo Scanning: Scanning Print Photos (photography)”

Photo Scanning: Organization and Items Needed (photography)



I was talking with a friend when they asked me how I handled my photo scanning project. As a little background, my parents died and they left me photo albums and negatives of thousands of photos (many of them duplicates). This was all I had left from my childhood, so I wanted to make digital copies for the future.

Initially I didn’t have any plan, and it was a horrendous project that things got lost, didn’t get scanned, etc. So I turned around and did it again in a more organized manner and had some really good results. Because of the size of this write up (I try and keep my posts small enough to keep people’s interests) I am dividing it up into three posts.

Scanning involved different container requirements, specific types of storage supplies and organization. The key factor you want to do is protect your photos/negatives in the future (there was a lot of damage to the albums over 40 years from my parents). So here are the steps I took. Continue reading “Photo Scanning: Organization and Items Needed (photography)”