Just a pic from yesterday

January 4th, 2022

The biggest thing to happen yesterday was for me to hang out with my hubby! Work went well and we got to be near each other while we did our respective job, but the highlight of the day was going on our walk.

The light of my life!

The rest of the day was working on this year’s monitoring assessment (basically the next couple of weeks are me figuring out which agencies I need to monitor/audit and in what order/level of risk). Lots of audit planning in other words.

That being said, I think I am going to leave my report for yesterday to just be me posting my pic of my hubby W.

I love you hubby!

Directions… or lack of one

Tally says hi

I have really been wanting to talk about everything happening. Ranging from COVID to Trump, to elections, to not having the ability to do things out of the house, all the way to my having to cancel electrolysis in December. The hard part though is there is a lot of stress and it sort of opens up more stress and trauma I never have wanted to deal with. This means I have been fighting with my depression and tendency to self-sabotage.

Lately, I have opened up with my therapist about some stuff that only Wolsey knows about (not even my siblings or older friends). I do plan on talking about that (writing it out is how I work with it) but it’s still way too fresh. I do however need to make room for dealing with the new trauma, so that means I will probably start writing about the old trauma. I only have so much room and that is how I get it away from me.

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