28 Years

Happy Anniversary my love!!!

Today I (hopefully we) celebrate 28 years of being married. Today marks the day that at age 21, I married my 20-year-old best friend, lover, and confidant.

Right before the ceremony, I am on the right, he is on the left and yes this is pre-transition for both of us.

I want to wax poetic about the day we got married and the whole situation of our relationship, but I will do that at a later point. Right now I just want to express how happy I am to be here 28 years later after he asked me to marry him and I said yes.

Wolsey and Lucky getting married again for the 20th wedding anniversary in 2012

Our lives have had a lot of struggle and pain, but I still feel I won life by marrying him. The fact he stayed married to me after I was particularly shitty on our wedding night shows how much he loves me. That post is coming soon, yes I am honest about my shitty behavior as well.

He means everything to me. He is my best friend, my favorite lover, my favorite author, mechanic, cheesecake model, all of it.

Lucky and Wolsey September 2020 (after transition)

I am not joking when I say he has saved my life multiple times since I got to k now him at the age of 16. I can’t imagine my life without him now, I suspect I will be one of those spouses who wouldn’t survive very long without him.

Hubby asking me to marry him
Wolsey day before our vow renewal
My favorite pic from 2020 of the hubby (post transition)

I love you my heart. I would do anything for you. Just say the words. Oh, and once again, Happy Anniversary my love!!!

Such a patient husband!

I can’t tell you how much I love you…. except to say Forever.

Flashback 2/21/2012 – “A New Family”

10-06-2020 Update: In my old vlogs I never really came up with a script, I just did it on the fly, it ends up with me repeating or shifting words in the middle. So, my transcription below is text to speech that has been modified to be readable.

  • Original Airdate: 2/21/2012
  • Upload Date: 10/06/2020
  • Status: Pre transition
  • Subject: Animals, Financial and Family


Hello guys it’s been a little while since I posted. it’s been actually a couple months and I’m just going to make this really quick kind of give you a quick update.

we are finally out of debt of $35,000 worth of medical bills, a ton of money for moving three to four times across three different cities, and we are finally out of credit card debt. I’m pretty stoked now we only have to focus on car payments and then eventually student loans which will take about 20,000 years.

Other than that, I’m getting my bridgework done for my teeth. they recently worked on it and found the anchor tooth was too rotten, so they had to pull that out. they are going to have to give me an extra-long bridge and today my temporary bridge popped out. I go back in tomorrow they’ll put this back in and then next week they’ll put the real bridge in.

Other than that, it’s been a little rough with the cat gone (Orpheus). He passed away in November, but we do have a bunch of new family members. me and the wife went out on Sunday and we picked up two Guinea pigs and two rats the rats are hers and their named Frank and Mira and the white Guinea pig is Bellona, she’s the Roman goddess of war and Mars’s sister and the black one is Camilla named after an Amazon warrior who was known to be really fast. I’ll cut and show you them, introduce you to them and then we’ll come back.

And that was pretty much it just a quick update we have some new animals I am getting my dental done and we have new rats, so I’ll talk to you later bye