Dark Bedroom (dream)

I realize it has been a while since I posted, so much for my daily post haha. Now that I have settled and my personal demons to a dull roar I can go back to posting, mostly today about the dream I just woke up from. I am just starting antibiotics yesterday, makes me wonder … Continue reading Dark Bedroom (dream)

Not an Atheist

Honestly I am really surprised at some of the reaction to my breaking apart of the hypocrisy of religion (especially Christianity). Several unfriendings on facebook later (and actually not sad at all about that) I think I need to reiterate, unlike my wife, I am not an atheist. My problem with religion lies not in … Continue reading Not an Atheist

Church and Taxes short rant

I was reading about a petition to enforce federal 501(c)(3) regulations by removing the tax-exempt status from churches that engage in political activity. Basically a lot of churches support political positions or candidates from the pulpit.I firmly think the second a priest/minister/or someone else in a church starts supporting anything on the ballot, or political … Continue reading Church and Taxes short rant

More Dreams

I just woke up from a dream. I was stuck in the dream for quite awhile. I feel bad because wifey wasn't feeling good and she was holding me telling me about what was bothering her and I couldn't quite awake from the dream to comfort her like I wanted to. I was riding in the back of … Continue reading More Dreams


I was watching t.v. and saw that they finally approved Plan B. I am very happy to see it, anything to help prevent unwanted pregnancies is good, especially if its not invasive abortion. However, I noticed several fundie/conservative groups are up in arms about it. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily blame people … Continue reading Hypocrisy

Did I miss the memo?

I have been thinking a lot recently of the Conservative Christian movement (and God Warrior is the one that sparked it). When did Jesus say it was ok to kill someone for any reason? I am pretty damn sure Jesus doesnt want anyone killed for any reason, not for your own safety, not for your … Continue reading Did I miss the memo?

Personal Revelation

A few months ago, my wife mentioned she thought my beliefs sounded a lot like Deism. Up until that point I had only heard of deism in the fact that several of our founding fathers of this country were deists. Since then I have done a lot of research. Looked through the various christian religions, … Continue reading Personal Revelation

Dream from Last Night, Bedtime Prayer

Well I had a rather bizarre dream that involved me sitting at a restaurant, I came out to find someone had plowed into the back of my pickup (the rusty blue GMC we currently own) and they had totaled thier car and my car, funny enough I wasn't really angry, just sort of like "damn". … Continue reading Dream from Last Night, Bedtime Prayer

Fucked up religious right wing republicans

This morning (after having woke up at 415am) I was watching tv. A scene for the 700 Club came on and Pat Robertson was talking about President Bush helping America. It then dawned on me how fucked up that was. Nobody who claims to be christian should be supporting this war. I believe distinctly the … Continue reading Fucked up religious right wing republicans