Dream: Drugs and Stuff

I have been up since 3:15am because of a dream

It started out fairly ok, it was me, Sage, Sean, an old friend named Jay and a couple of people I don’t know. We were out in the boonies when Sage and Jay get this idea to score some drugs. The drugs came in the small clay containers that you broke open and inside was powder that got you high.

Part of me was a little worried, Sage sometimes can be a little flirtatous with others when “high or drunk” and so I was a little put off. But for some reason not to be out done I bought a kilo of the stuff (I dont normally get high, or even drink).

So we wandered around and Sage disappeared with a bunch of people, leaving me by myself. All of a sudden I was in Fred Meyers (the FM before the refit) and my parents were there. I was still carrying the kilo and still angry that Sage bailed on me with a bunch of people to go get high.

I yelled at my parents that we aren’t supposed to be shopping and my father and I got in an argument as we walked outside. I said “Fine walk home” and got in my truck, both of us were still angry and I found myself driving down the road with my dad behind me in a Model T, the whole time we are arguing. He eventually gets mad and chucks the gas cap on the model T thats on the driver side at me, I all of a sudden get worried as I see gas spilling out onto the car, while he is yelling at me.

Then I see a cop come up on us, flashing lights and all. I realize I still have the kilo of powder and I make a break for it, my dad tries to help but I notice that his car is swerving and where the gas came out, it has caught on fire, I watch as my dad climbs out of the car while its still moving, gets caught up on it as it skids to a stop, my dad is lying there on the ground hurt when I see the cop try and stop before he hits my dad or the car, the tire of the cop car goes lengthwise across my dad’s body flattening it and when it gets to the head it squishes like a grape.

I then woke up and couldnt go back to sleep.


More Weird Dreams

Well I was awoken at 430am by some bizarre dreams. In the dreams I was on the bus with Sage much like when we go to school. Some asshole college students gave her a hard time. I got up, walked over and punched one of them until they couldn’t move. I then proceeded to get off the bus with my wife. I know that some other point I had to do the same thing to another person (I broke one of thier fingers for  pointing at her).

Bizarre, huh?

Yesterday went real well. Our GURPS game is getting smaller and smaller (we lost possibly two players this week, depends on what was going on and why they no showed). Maybe I need to find players who like GURPS and who can make Sundays and are interested in a Space based exploration/piracy/etc game (hint hint, nudge nudge).

The universe is just coming together now (its similar to Traveller, we are using several Traveller supplements, but its not quite exact). I am having a blast running the game and things are starting to pick up in stride. Thier first combat since the game began 4 weeks ago happened Sunday. It was a minor combat (I am intentionally keeping combat to a minimum until we get a handle on the new system).

I was flattered yesterday, like most Sundays before game starts we go to the Denny’s bar (its Sunday so every restaurant is packed, except bars). The older waitress who is always there and is damn cool was talking to us. I complained about “college” kids and she laughed at me. She said something along the lines of “your not very old, what your 25 or so right?” she was surprised when I told her me and the wife were both 32. I really do think part of what makes a person look older is moving into a “adult lifestyle”. Some people have kids so no matter what at least part of your life because adult because the children must come first, but I have met some parents that are good parents but still seem like they are 10-15 years younger then they are. I really think youth is a mental thing.

Sean (who was with us this Sunday) birthday was last week. He turned a ripe old age of 22. I was chatting with him and he said he didn’t want to get any older and that 22 was a good age. Funny as I think about it I dont think I would want to be under 25 now (and honestly I am damn happy at 32, my only worry is slowly we lose friends who are our age because they decide to “grow up”).

On another note, we have a truck now, and a word popped up that hasn’t popped up for quite a while. That word was “Legacies”. The word came up because several of the people I feel obligated to hospitalize no longer attend. Also maybe I am just growing up, or maybe enough time has passed that my anger has cooled down a lot.

Nothing definate about that, we just talked about the possibility (which in itself is more then we have for months and months).

On another note, I have begun rebuilding Dying Light. Not sure if we are going to get a different URL or what but with me learning ASP.NEt this is exactly what I needed to learn to have a fully functioning self updating website that requires very little logistics use.

Well I better get going on my ASP.NET homework. I put that off all weekend but I should at least attempt it today. There is so much more I want to post but I will have to wait I guess.