Too Quiet

I have always known that I was not somebody who liked silence. Growing up, I would wake up in the middle of the night and wait for something bad to happen. The funny thing is I never had anything happen in silence, so to be honest, I don't know where it specifically came from. I … Continue reading Too Quiet

First time in a long time

I was awoken this morning at 1:28am. It sort of caught me off guard really, I haven't been woken up like this in a few months. Even now almost a half an hour later I am still disorientated. I even considered doing a video post, mainly because I never do, but I saw what I … Continue reading First time in a long time

Christmas 2003

First off, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Merry Solistice to everyone. Yesterday went well, saw my parents and both siblings and my niece Cass and nephew Josh. Got home and played some E&B and roleplayed some. I woke up this morning choking though. Sometimes I will wake up choking and unable to breathe. We have always … Continue reading Christmas 2003