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Hubby Nightmares

Share List I figure it is one thirty in the morning and I would relate what happens when my husband has nightmares. He has these nightmares every so often. The external noises start off distant and scattered, some sort of … Continue reading

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Insomnia, Anxiety and Sleeplessness

Share List I can’t tell you why I was awake at 12:30am specifically. I am anxious, tired, pacing the living room trying not to wake my hubby. Of course today I have to audit an agency so it isn’t like … Continue reading

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First time in a long time

Share List I was awoken this morning at 1:28am. It sort of caught me off guard really, I haven’t been woken up like this in a few months. Even now almost a half an hour later I am still disorientated. … Continue reading

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Long and Short Night

Share List Last night I got about 4.5 hours of sleep. This was mostly due to some dreams. I can’t remember much. DREAMS My mother and I were taking a ferry somewhere, we ended up leaving the ferry and traveling … Continue reading

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Share List I woke up this morning at 3:19am with some weird dreams. The hubby and I owned a mobile home. Not the same one we owned in Bellingham, more of a single wide affair. The earlier part of the dream … Continue reading

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