This morning I had a very horrific dream. It started out well enough, I was in some sort of school as a teenager (although with my current memories, and the fact I knew I was married to my wife). My siblings, and wife were all attending. It was one of those hugely large wooden structures with the old school wooden classrooms. There was some sort of lecture we were attending and eventually we had to go back to the dorms (we lived at the school).

Something shifted and I was working for an organization (illegal one) with my dad. I was still going to the school though. Unfortunately one of the teenagers had witnessed something and we had to remove the witness. I tried to talk my dad out of doing it and instead to let me to do it, but he insisted he didn’t want me to do this (my dad in the dream was the father of my childhood, younger, definitely more fit). After awhile I agreed and I set it up so he could remove the witness (16/17 year old male).

When that was done we found we couldn’t move the body, so we had to leave it in the bathroom. That freaked us both out, but we sort of bunkered down in another part of the school. Thats when we saw my little sister go into the bathroom. Next thing I know we here a small caliber pistol shot from the bathroom. I look over at my father and he had a horrified look that I knew I had as well. My first thought was she shot herself.

We raced up to the bathroom and went into the stalls. We opened the middle stall but she wasn’t in it. However, I saw a tiny hand on the floor under the next stall (she would have been 10-13 or so). The most clear thing about that scene was her hand was twitching. I raced to the next stall and stopped for a horrifying second. Then I kicked it open (it was locked) and she was laying there with blood running from the side of her head from a bullet wound. She heard me and moved her head looking at me. She was trying to say something and my last memory of the dream was reaching down, grabbing her tiny little body, picking it up and telling her “it will be ok, I will get you to a hospital”.

It was a pretty fucked up dream…..

Oh, and I was even more thrown off when I woke up because we turned our clocks back an hour last night.


I had a dream last night about  and myself.

We were traveling in our Kia and arrived at a farmhouse in snow. It was a flat area (no trees) and I couldn’t really tell you where it was myself. We got in an argument, she wanted to go party with a guy that reminded me of a combination of men I knew in real life (Warren and Aaron). I told her I didn’t want her to go off and party with him without me (I was incredibly jealous).

I stormed off a short distance with the car and the road was to slick with snow. I then realized I didn’t have shoes on so I walked back to the house to get my shoes. When I got there,  was gone with the guy and it freaked me out. I got my shoes on, tramped back to the car and found it gone. I realized she had taken the car (yes, not sure in my dream world how she knew where it was) and I had to walk back again to the farmhouse, realizing I hadn’t worn a coat.

I got back, called her since it was the next morning and some other woman answered. The woman told me it wasn’t any of my business and indicated she and the guy were with my wife.

That’s when I woke up. I am not sure why I had that dream.  and I get along great, we haven’t fought and there has been no new person in her life that I am jealous of. It was purely a bad dream. I hate those.

Great Day

Yesterday was an awesome day. It started out a little bit down as I wasn’t feeling very good. However by the time it was 11am I was feeling better. The day can be broken down like this:

  • We went and saw Machete. This was an awesome film and my quote of the day “Machete does not text”.
  • We had a good dinner (we shared half of a small vegetarian pizza and some sushi) at home.
  • Ran my wife a solo game.
  • Had awesome sex

Overall the day was excellent. I went to sleep and then had some weird dreams and woke up at 3:30am.

The dream wasn’t bad. It was me and ethicalcannibal in some sort of coffee shop/restuarant. It reminded me a lot of some of the small places you will find in Fairhaven.

We had brought in our own seafood and the man behind the barista/restaurant counter was adding it to a meal he was cooking for us. Meanwhile there was a set of stairs that went up to an upper lobby/seating area. As ethicalcannibal and I were trying to go up the stairs a guy started chatting with us. This lasted forever, him talking and the two of us awkwardly standing on these very small stairs. Eventually the guy left and I noticed the wife taking her pants off. I looked at her confusedly and asked what she was doing. She said she was taking a shower.

She then ran upstairs in her underwear and disappeared.  I sat down at the bottom of the stairs on a couch. as I laid across it I noticed a tiny spiderweb draped across the couch. I pushed it away and noticed a tiny spider. I blew on it a couple of times, I didn’t want to hurt it and was trying to get it to go away. All of a sudden the web was a lot bigger and encompassed most of the couch above me. I then noticed the spider was no longer tiny but its body was the size of a softball and I was trying to kick it off the couch. It kept running back up on my legs and that is when I woke up.

I have a feeling my sleep was a little off because I drank coffee in the evening. It was the first time in over a month, I did it so I didn’t fall asleep during the game I ran the wife. Well I learned my lesson, and I definitely will try to avoid it (unless necessary).


Anxiety Dream

I woke up about 20 minutes ago. I am not sure what causes me to wake up at 2:45 am, especially first night after DST. It was not a horribly bad dream, it had me and hubby wandering some back roads up in Granite Falls. We met some younger people and she started talking to them about old punk bands. Nothing too horrible but I woke up feeling anxiety. It wasn’t anything that she said, I wasn’t worried about anything she might do, nor worried about anything happening to us (I may be getting a little long in the tooth, but still not intimidated by teens-mid twenties). The only thing I specifically remember being said was one of the people commented we must have liked punk in the ’90’s and hubby corrected them and said 80’s.

Fortunately I think I am starting to get tired again, I just don’t understand why I woke up feeling super stressed. I had a great day with my friends gaming, things went well there. I spent the last couple hours before bed hanging with the wife and watching “human sized sperm” special on National Geographic and I went to sleep next to my beautiful wife while she watched Wild Wild West on her laptop. I realize I get anxiety sometimes, I think its a family trait (and probably explains why many in my family do drugs or drink to go to sleep). I am just not sure what to do about it. Its not near the “holidays” when I get the crazy anxiety due to worries. I don’t think I am specifically worried about my family, so not sure why I am experiencing anxiety.

I wonder if its partially due to how early my current audit is making me get up. Maybe I am hitting a critical mass of not enough sleep and too much “have to be up extremely early” that my body and mind is freaking out. Or maybe its just my body and mind freaking out because there is something chemically wrong. I am considering options to help sleep, including working out more, maybe a drink, maybe trying to get up later (well after this audit maybe). I will have to work on that for awhile, now that I am feeling a bit more tired, maybe I can go back to sleep now.

Air Car’s and Houses – Dream

I had some strange dreams last night yet again. Unfortunately most of them have already left me, but I do remember one.

Me and [livejournal.com profile] imake1tgirl were on some sort of modern airship. We had discovered these jetpack like motorcycle things and I was driving her around in one. They really didn’t have any seatbelts and were very tiny so you always felt you like you were going to fall off when flying around. Eventually we landed the one we were on and got into a bigger air vehicle (more like a car).

[livejournal.com profile] imake1tgirl was driving it and had clipped someone else’s car. The dream sort of morphed and I was sitting at a house with this young blonde girl telling me that [livejournal.com profile] imake1tgirl had hit her car. I listened to how the blonde supposedly had become a lawyer at age 21, and blah blah blah. I told her we had insurance and that it would be taken care of.

This is about when I noticed I hadn’t seen [livejournal.com profile] imake1tgirl for awhile. I began looking for her when this small poodle like dog followed me. Somehow the poodle dog was associated with the blonde, but now that I am awake I couldn’t tell you how. We wandered up to an old house and I was getting worried. I hadn’t seen my wife for awhile and something about the old house bothered me a lot. I pulled down some shrubs that were growing in front of the main door. I slipped in along with the dog.

There was a rotting door in the living room of this house. I could see the top right corner of the door had decayed away and I could make out a set of stairs going up. Somehow the little dog had gotten on the other side of the door and I was now worried about the dog. That cold hand of stark terror had settled in me. The dog wouldn’t listen, and I still couldn’t find [livejournal.com profile] imake1tgirl. Eventually I tried to scare the dog to come back by making groaning/moaning scary noises. It seemed to work, the dog was coming back down the stairs.

This is when [livejournal.com profile] imake1tgirl IN REAL LIFE elbowed me, waking me up all the way to tell me I was moaning in my sleep.  I just wish I could remember the earlier dream (or maybe I don’t, I do believe it was a “worse” dream).

Strange Dreams

I had a couple of dreams last night that were intertwined and rather strange. I don’t remember everything but I felt I should write down what I do remember.

The first dream had me as some sort of “Dark Knight” superhero. I spent most of the dream trying to avoid being arrested while stopping the bad guys. It comprised of me going up and down an elevator trying to fool the cops on which floor I was going to. Eventually I ended up on the second floor of this corporate tower. I ran out one of the open windows and onto a ledge that was only about 4 feet from the ground. At this point I saw sage running by laughing at me, she was only wearing her panties and she pulled them down revealing her (really nice) ass. I tripped, stumbled and found myself in a second dream.

The second dream was me flying some sort of space fighter across the surface of the planet. The surface was pock marked with large ponds of lava (that was similar in color to the ground, but I could still distinguish it). I then landed the fighter and found myself on the surface with a remote controlled vehicle that could fire weapons. It was at this point I saw my once again naked wife (no panties this time) running around the ponds distracting me (like she does with video games in real life). All of a sudden my remote controlled vehicle could fire water so I started shooting it at her playfully. She was laughing when I noticed she was running right into a shallow pool of lava. I woke up when she was shin deep in it and realized it wasn’t land. – I didn’t like the ending of that dream, it woke me up and force me to get up all the way.

That was it.


Fell asleep about 2230, woke up at 0330. I had a strange dream that involved trying to avoid something in a city that was outside a large building (seemed like downtown Seattle), I kept looking through large walls of glass trying to spot something huge and I would scuttle from outside place to outside place around the building. Then all of a sudden I was trying to chase a child down on a super super foggy field (vaguely looked like Hawthorn Elementary School’s back field before they built the retirement homes. I almost caught the kid, but not quite. I was bothered I couldn’t run as fast as I did when I was 18.

I woke up anxious about how old I was, how out of shape I was, and that I don’t have enough time with my wife in this lifetime. All in all it was just a standard anxiety type dream. My first reasoning for all of this is the game we are about to start, but honestly I don’t think that is it at all. I am not nervous about our ability to handle it.

Then comes the second reason, the last real food I ate was about 5pm, and I ended the evening around 8pm eating a donut. Hunger/bad food for you is probably the biggest combination. I need to remember to eat better and more often. I am also sure that I haven’t worked out in 4 months is another reasoning, I slept way better when I was working out. I don’t do a lot physically to make my body tired, so I go to bed only half tired and only sleep 5-6 hours at most. I think the field dream bothered me as well since I know I can’t run like I used to, that once again goes back to the anxiety.

On a good note, the Dummy’s for weightlifting is filling in the holes I have from working out, will recommence workout routine this week. YAY for getting rid of some of the fat I have accumulated!!!!

Maybe I will try and go back to bed now.

Dreams 3-4-2009

I had a bunch of dreams last night. All were broken up into tiny fragments. The only fragment I really remember is the first dream I woke up at midnight from. My wife  and I were outside on a suburban street. It was night out and there was a home right up close to the sidewalk (about 10 feet above, one of those homes that you have to walk up steep stairs to get to). Beside the house was what seemed to be a van parked. The van seemed normal size, but there were several people laying in there.

It looked like their throats were slit, but when I got a closer look, they had stoma’s (colostomies) coming out of their throats. My wife turned around and said she had to finish working. I realized she had long hair, down past her shoulders a bit. She sighed and was working on one of the people. She grabbed the stoma and pulled it tight and tied it into a knot. The strange thing is when she pulled it it seemed to make the person not able to breathe (but I think they were breathing fine after she finished the knot). She then moved onto the next person and untiled their stoma that was in a knot. A spray of shit (and I do mean literally shit) shot out everywhere, hitting the house up on the hill, spraying all over , and an several feet all around. She then pulled it and tied it tight and went to move on to the next  person. That is when I woke up, and it really bothered me.

Dream 1-6-2009

My dream last night was pretty normal. My family, [livejournal.com profile] heresyoftruth[livejournal.com profile] ashcake[livejournal.com profile] talkswithwind[livejournal.com profile] yog_sothoth , and friends were all at my parents house (it wasn’t their current apartment, just some other house). We were trying to cook up some sort of dinner when [livejournal.com profile] eman_p  showed up. He brought with him a gas stove and some food in open packages in paper bags.

I spent a lot of time in the dream trying to set up the gas stove (it connected to the gas hoses in the house). I noticed there was a crack in a mounting bracket on the stove but still I attempted to set it up. I realized it wasn’t working fully and I could still smell gas, yet [livejournal.com profile] eman_p and my mother both wouldn’t quit turning it on to use it to cook. Eventually we decided to use the electric stovetop on the gas stove and cooked dinner (yes, it was a gas stovetop when we started, it just changed mid dream on what it was). By the end of us cooking spaghetti I turned around and found that [livejournal.com profile] heresyoftruth had thrown away all the food. When we asked her, she said that there were ant and cockroach pupae in the bags that [livejournal.com profile] eman_p  had brought over. That gave me the shivers and I woke up.

Now I ask, why do you [livejournal.com profile] eman_p  fight me so much over the gas stove and bring cockroach pupae over to my house? 🙂 

(yes, that’s just me giving you a hard time).