Miracle medical journey… or how I feel like I was kicked in the balls

One of the items about my wife and I's relationship change is the possibility of children with another partner (from me, not her). I do not want children at all. I am turning 41 soon and I don't want to be 60 or older going to my child's graduation. My wife's health and family pressures … Continue reading Miracle medical journey… or how I feel like I was kicked in the balls


I realize it has been a few since I last posted. I have submitted multiple Let's Plays, but those aren't my blogs :). I have had a lot of things pop up. The job for the accounting manager at the city of Mukilteo didn't work out. I don't feel too badly about that though. There … Continue reading Relocation

Two Posts, Two Days

I know, this is a surprise for me as well, but a second post in as many days. Its like a Christmas miracle. I just thought I would try and keep up on reporting my boring daily life as I go. Yesterday was a normal payday. The money slipped into and out of my bank … Continue reading Two Posts, Two Days


This morning I had a very horrific dream. It started out well enough, I was in some sort of school as a teenager (although with my current memories, and the fact I knew I was married to my wife). My siblings, and wife were all attending. It was one of those hugely large wooden structures … Continue reading Dreams

Great Day

Yesterday was an awesome day. It started out a little bit down as I wasn’t feeling very good. However by the time it was 11am I was feeling better. The day can be broken down like this: We went and saw Machete. This was an awesome film and my quote of the day “Machete does … Continue reading Great Day

Anxiety Dream

I woke up about 20 minutes ago. I am not sure what causes me to wake up at 2:45 am, especially first night after DST. It was not a horribly bad dream, it had me and hubby wandering some back roads up in Granite Falls. We met some younger people and she started talking to them … Continue reading Anxiety Dream

Air Car’s and Houses – Dream

I had some strange dreams last night yet again. Unfortunately most of them have already left me, but I do remember one. Me and imake1tgirl were on some sort of modern airship. We had discovered these jetpack like motorcycle things and I was driving her around in one. They really didn't have any seatbelts and were very tiny so … Continue reading Air Car’s and Houses – Dream

Strange Dreams

I had a couple of dreams last night that were intertwined and rather strange. I don't remember everything but I felt I should write down what I do remember. The first dream had me as some sort of "Dark Knight" superhero. I spent most of the dream trying to avoid being arrested while stopping the bad guys. It comprised of me going … Continue reading Strange Dreams