Fell asleep about 2230, woke up at 0330. I had a strange dream that involved trying to avoid something in a city that was outside a large building (seemed like downtown Seattle), I kept looking through large walls of glass trying to spot something huge and I would scuttle from outside place to outside place around the … Continue reading Grrr…

Dreams 3-4-2009

I had a bunch of dreams last night. All were broken up into tiny fragments. The only fragment I really remember is the first dream I woke up at midnight from. My wife  and I were outside on a suburban street. It was night out and there was a home right up close to the sidewalk (about 10 feet … Continue reading Dreams 3-4-2009

Dream 1-6-2009

My dream last night was pretty normal. My family, heresyoftruth, ashcake, talkswithwind, yog_sothoth , and friends were all at my parents house (it wasn't their current apartment, just some other house). We were trying to cook up some sort of dinner when eman_p  showed up. He brought with him a gas stove and some food in open packages in paper bags. I spent a … Continue reading Dream 1-6-2009

Dreaming of Oz

More dreams last night, they are starting to sink into obscurity so I thought I would write it down. It seemed to be a very long single dream again. This time hubby and I were in Australia. bardon and his wonderful family were taking us on a ship around the southern side of Australia. At this point it became the end of … Continue reading Dreaming of Oz

Not a good dream

I had a rather strange dream last night, already its starting to get wispy and disappear so let me quickly cover it. Hubby and I were living in what I think was Las Vegas. For some reason I think she was working for the mob (or some other organization) on a regular basis. For some reason she had … Continue reading Not a good dream

Dream 08-07-08

Last night I had a rather strange dream. Heresyoftruth & I were both living in a mobile home much like what we used to live in. The only difference is the floor plan was reversed. I was looking out the living room window (the side window, only this time it was facing the pond) and … Continue reading Dream 08-07-08