Dreams 6-28-08

Last night I had what seemed to be one long continuous dream. It started with me, hubby and many of my old gamers (as in from 18 years ago) hanging outside the old Eagles Games in Bellingham (on Cornwall). We were sitting there, working on a new game (I think I was starting up a … Continue reading Dreams 6-28-08

Tale of the World Turning

Yesterday went well, the game was a little stuttery, a bit stunted but went very well (we had a month off, that always throws the timing off). During game yesterday we had the hot water tank  have issues, that was fun I have to tell you. Looks like we might be spending upwards of $700-800 … Continue reading Tale of the World Turning

More Weird Dreams

Well I was awoken at 430am by some bizarre dreams. In the dreams I was on the bus with Sage much like when we go to school. Some asshole college students gave her a hard time. I got up, walked over and punched one of them until they couldn't move. I then proceeded to get … Continue reading More Weird Dreams


Well here I am again, yesterday was so damn hot I couldn't even do a posting. I basically went to class, studied, came home and played a little CS, a little Madden and studied a bit. I have a midterm today in 4 hours in my Roman Lit. class. I am pretty anxious about it … Continue reading Tuesday