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Rough Day

Share List I haven’t shaved since yesterday because I go to electrolysis on Saturday, most people at work have either not noticed or have been nice. However… I was upstairs at work getting tea and I am standing there. This … Continue reading

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Morning Ritual

Share List Before I decided to transition, I had unknowingly suffered from white boy privilege. I would give my girlfriends, then wife a hard time about how long it took to prepare. All the while not realizing how long it … Continue reading

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Surgery Trip: Day 1

Share List Our first day of surgery was fairly exciting and long both at the same time. We arrived at the airport at 5:00am. Surprisingly both the hubby and I were both fairly good mood. We were pretty excited because … Continue reading

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My First Trip to Phoenix

Share List We flew down last Sunday, at a very very early morning hour to Phoenix, Arizona. We started by leaving the house at 4am, much to Wolsey’s chagrin. We arrived at the airport, with no caffeine in our system … Continue reading

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Passing and Sexism

Share List Today we had to buy a certified Kia for Jello. He got a temp job and needs to get to it. While we were getting the car however, an awkward situation arose. We were in the car when … Continue reading

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