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Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad

Where: Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad and Hobo Inn
Links: MRSR ( Hobo Inn (
Date: July 31 – August 1st, 2015.

See the gallery and short video (all the short video clips I took) under the post below.

I have been really bad about posting our date nights (Jello and I). Well in this case it was a date overnight at the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad in Elbe Washington. This would be the first time we have ever spent the night with just us, and not with a bunch of our friends at a hotel. Originally we were going to ride one of their steam trains, but sadly the week before the train broke down and we were riding a Northern Pacific train that starred in the movie Runaway with Jon Voight in 1985.

Northern Pacific #7012A, the train from “Runaway Train” starring Jon Voight.

I wasn’t sure at first, it was a small disappointment. However, that all changed when we we got off work that Friday night. We had decided to stay in the Hobo Inn which was a motel that used train cars as rooms. The disadvantage of the train car was the small bed. It was double in size, but shorter, so my legs hung off. We didn’t stay in the room long because we were both hungry.

This is the room we rented at the hotel that rents out cabooses next door to the train.

There is also a restaurant that is attached as several train cars. We sat and ate buffalo burger and an elk burger. They were fairly tasty, the lady was nice who served us and the sunset lighting was pretty cool. She explained that the drought was killing them, the lake that is right off the site was empty of water. Huge tree trunks stuck straight out of the ground, and the waitress was in awe of how dry everything was.

Dining Car

What we didn’t expect during our trip was no cell service, therefore no internet service. That made our night a little surreal and a throwback to the 90s. What took us back even further was the small 13 inch tv with a built in VHS player and a bunch of old videos. We ended up watching Fright Night… on VHS… Honestly it was a lot of fun.

Yes, this is the Fright Night VHS tape.

We woke up the next morning, walked across the main road that goes up to the pass and got coffee and the small store, along with some snacks. We wandered back to our room and watched Scream on VHS while waiting for the train time (the Hobo Inn is literally across the street from the train station and sits on the rail line the train uses).

Early morning outside the caboose.

We picked up tickets later that morning, and found that they were out of collector spoons (which made Jello and I both sad). We hopped on the train car and prepared for the ride.


The ride was fun. I have never been on a train and it was definitely fun. The train takes a person up about 8 miles (45 minutes to an hour) and stops at a mining area and train depot. There they have a museum with a bunch of trains that we wandered around for an hour. Even with all the children around it was fun.

Oldschool train

We then road back to the main station. The whole time we enjoyed the rocking of the train, the forests around us and the cool breeze in the hot summer. When we got back we climbed in the car and on our way home we noted the huge tree trunks in the water. We decided to stop and take a picture. If you look closely in some of these pictures you can see people standing behind them.

Evidently it hasn’t been this dry in living memory. Look closely in the middle of the picture and yes those are humans standing by the trees.


Short Video:


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Marmalade “Helping”

I have the best wife in the world, not only is she gorgeous, she is very animal friendly. Here she is debating how well our new cat Marmalade is “helping”.

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Marmalade 1-11-2013

Marmalade, a new feral kitty that decided to adopt us.

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A General Update

I figured I would try and give a written version of my video blog, for those that can’t access the video (this wont necessarily happen very often, only when I have time so I suggest watching the video if you can).


It’s January 2, 2013 and I figured one of my goals this year would be to be more vocal, either in video blogging or regular blogging.

Well, I have been up since 3:00am this morning, not sure what the reason is. I think all the anxiety of my new duties at work are probably catching up to me, or it could be my annual anxiety due to the Holiday season/ deep dark winter. I am hoping if I can track when I have insomnia/anxiety issues I can figure out if there is a cause I can actual fix, or if it’s something I have to deal with.

Just a status update, my life is going good. My wife as always is awesome. She has been incredibly supportive, even when I get into a funk, or try to beat on myself.

My family’s health is stable; my parents while having their normal issues and possible lung cancer are in pretty good spirits. My siblings are doing well also. My friends all seem to be doing well, except I keep missing out on setting up a time to meet Yog’s new girlfriend. Hopefully we will fix that next week.

My new job seems to be working out well, if a bit stressful. I am now fully in charge of my areas. I assume that is what is freaking me out. It’s not that I can’t do it, its just I don’t have years under my belt like I did at my old job.

Oh, and my tattoo is entering the home stretch on my back. I have two, maybe three more sessions and the next session is in two weeks. Crossing my fingers that eventually I will get to a point where I can wrap a tattoo up in one or two sessions (this current tattoo has taken 9+ sessions in the last year).

Oh, and one last thing. I realize I posted this earlier, but I thought I would say it again. Originally I planned on the traditional working out, get in shape, blah blah blah resolution. Honestly, my weight hasn’t shifted much in either direction no matter how much I work out, control my eating etc. So I think this year, instead of doing that I am going to just focus on loving me. You heard that right; it’s about loving me and accepting however this works out.

Well, that is about it for the day. Even with the insomnia, things are going well and I just wanted to check in J.

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My Wife is Wonderful!

My wife is once again wonderful… I don’t think I tell people that enough.

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Realty Adventures!

I got a weird email/call from my loan processor today

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GM Corner #1 First Step for First Time GM

Did this earlier this week. My first non-intro post as a GM. The focus of a brand new GM should be on delivery, not world building. You can tell a good story set in any world, but you need the skills to deliver that story first.


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Atheist Bullies Exist as Well

Sadly being a dick isn’t only a religious based idea, it is evident everywhere. Atheists need to try and be more tolerant if they want their ideas to gain traction.

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August 20th, 2012

A remote report from a far off audit location 🙂

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GM Corner: Introduction


My introductory post for a new series of youtube videos about roleplaying games, and especially about game mastering roleplaying games.