Matrix Resurrection and January 3, 2022

January 3, 2022 Yesterday went pretty well. First workday back with a full workweek in a few weeks (due to the holidays) and life went really well. Got support from my boss on a difficult audit/monitoring project, that was stressing me out all the time I was off. So work itself, going swimmingly. After a … Continue reading Matrix Resurrection and January 3, 2022

Job stuff

I figured I would give you guys an update on job stuff/possibilities. Current Job: Honestly the job itself isn't that bad. I investigate businesses that pay employees under the table. I ensure that unemployment insurance is paid by the employers, protecting the employees and ensuring they get unemployment insurance if they get laid off (if … Continue reading Job stuff

Possible New Job

I am pretty excited, the Department of Defense wants to interview me for a Defense Contractor Auditor position. Meaning I get to audit defense contractors for the DoD. I have a coworker/friend whom I worked with at the State Auditor's Office and she really wants me to work with her here. She feels the auditors … Continue reading Possible New Job

Update, Web and Home

I thought I would give a brief update of everything. I think it might be a lot of things so I will try and separate them out and address them in small paragraphs. 1. Home Hunting: Things are going pretty well. We put an offer on the good condo I mentioned in the prior post. … Continue reading Update, Web and Home

Stressful Day

Day started out great, liking my job a lot (will post about my new job in a bit). Day became stressful, wife found a single roach in a back closet. She talked to manager, manager thinks its our downstairs neighbor. I then called our actual landlord (the owner) and left a message. He left a … Continue reading Stressful Day

Life Changes

Be still my beating heart, I am actually posting a typed entry along with a video :). Things are undergoing some major changes, I have mentioned some but not very clearly. Today is my last day on the job as a State Auditor (tomorrow is my last official day, but I took a furlough day … Continue reading Life Changes