Projects for 2021

I decided this year to do some different things. I still have my three youtube channels, but I am only putting up videos as I want to, not worrying about getting multiple videos a week published. That frees me up for a lot of time to work on things. I realize it is sad for subscribers, but let’s be honest I won’t be a Youtube Rockstar no matter how hard I push.

My New Year's Resolution is to make no resolutions... and to drink more  wine, cuss more, eat more bacon, eat more bacon, and to eat more bacon! |  Seasonal Ecard
Not resolutions, just projects.

Photography, I love it and it is definitely on the top of my list. However we are still in pandemic time and honestly there is only so many selfies, cat pictures or pics of the husband. I don’t have a big project scheduled to work on until things lighten up (but I do have several sitting, such as the churches and bridges of Pierce County). This will happen, but only as the situation allows.

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