Walking with the Enemy

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Dream: Mouth of dust

I just woke up from a horrendeous nightmare (about 00:30 am).

I was laying in an old house with several men, well most men, there seemed to be some older women. We were all wearing Royal Infantry Uniforms (British from World War 2 era). We had been sitting there for a long time, laying there actually, the shelling had stopped and it was extremely quiet. The house was mostly intact, the dry desert air could still be tasted.

I knew something was wrong, something inside of me kept saying we have to get moving, absolutely we must make time and run. But we are Royal Infantry and we weren’t even under attack, let alone losing so we didn’t move. Then we heard a couple of bombs go off, it was outside at a fair distance but everything in the house went blinded for a short while. I was panicking but not sure what to do (actually there was part of me that recognized it was a nuclear weapon that went off, but for some reason that pit in my stomach couldn’t make itself into the head of what I was doing. It was as if part of me knew what happened and the other part, the “conscious” part of me during the dream couldn’t access that information).

Slowly in the dream (actually much quicker then in real life) the men started to get sick and die, slowly wounds would just open up on thier bodies and they would almost rot in front of me. I told them I was going to make a run for it, I would go down fighting and that I had the “pistol” it was a heavy duty 6 shooter that I knew was something of an honor weapon for the company (we had real weapons, but it somehow was our icon).

The man in front of me laying by the open hole in the wall that led out told me I needed ammo, I needed to get ammo. He was one of the commanders and it was if he had just gotten older and then he just rotted right in front of me, huge gaping wounds that exposed irradiated bones and flesh.

I then could feel my insides start to get very warm and feel uncomfortable and I knew it started with me, that I would die of radiation poisoning/sickness of some sort very soon. My mouth felt like it was full of dust and then I woke up.

That dream really fucked me up this morning.

Weird Dream

I had this dream last night. I was out in the desert and it was during WWII I believe. The whole setup was kinda like the game Battlefield 1942, except it was more realistic (I guess thats because I studied alot about WWII when I was younger).

I was sitting with a bunch of other people when we were attacked. The area was a few buildings and a bunch of cavelike things we could hide in. I ran around, shot a few things and finally hid out in a trench inside a cave (there was more then just me). This is also when I realized the people attacking us were Americans (I guess I was German, but my uniform and weapons were not quite right for that.

Well while I was hiding in the trench the Americans were slowly looking for us. I was hunkered down and I realized I was holding what I thought was a white cat. But it had a lot of features like a ferret as well. I was holding it tight to my chest so it couldnt make a noise (I got the sudden impression it was with the enemy looking for me and I didnt want it to alert others).

Then I realized that one of the Americans knew we were around there and kept wandering around the cave and the trench (everytime he walked around I would sneak to a different part of the trench). I realized the person looking for me was a priest, which worried me even more and I kept squeezing the cat/ferret thing tightly and biting it to make it stay quiet. I couldnt seem to get myself to kill it outright.

I woke up feeling bad I hurt the animal.

I am sure there is a lot to this dream I dont remember. I just thought I needed to write this down whe I woke up so I got up to do so. Looking at it now I am not sure it was a big deal to do so. I wake up alot from bad dreams that I want to write down but I dont and then it seems I have bad dreams on the same subject for long periods of time. I am thinking this may help.

The wierd thing, I wouldnt have considered the dream iself bad, it was very PG rating for the violence, the fear was real but what I really felt bad was about hurting the white cat/ferret/ratlike thing I was holding.