Walking with the Enemy

https://twitter.com/GirlTweetReview/status/1344988421308043264 Text Version of Review: Walking with the Enemy (2013 WWII drama) - The story of Hungary trying to break with Germany at the end of WWII, while a Jewish man impersonating an SS officer to save lives. A Well written, directed, and acted movie. A bit heavy though, so be prepared as you walk … Continue reading Walking with the Enemy

Dream: Mouth of dust

I just woke up from a horrendeous nightmare (about 00:30 am). I was laying in an old house with several men, well most men, there seemed to be some older women. We were all wearing Royal Infantry Uniforms (British from World War 2 era). We had been sitting there for a long time, laying there … Continue reading Dream: Mouth of dust

Weird Dream

I had this dream last night. I was out in the desert and it was during WWII I believe. The whole setup was kinda like the game Battlefield 1942, except it was more realistic (I guess thats because I studied alot about WWII when I was younger). I was sitting with a bunch of other … Continue reading Weird Dream