Opinion: Prisoner Abuse Scandal

I was thinking about the acts committed during the Iraqi prisoner scandal. I find what was done horrendous, terrible and just plain wicked. I have heard some people complain that it isn’t that bad, but it would be the equivelant of making hard core christians do things that would make them burn in hell (sexual things, blasphemy, etc) and either way its a horrible thing.

I was also thinking there wouldnt even be a hesitation with anyone if we found out an American prison, full of american prisoners were treated in an equally foul manner. We would not only demand release of those prisoners, plus punishment of the guards, we would demand extradition of those guards to have them stand trial here for crimes committed against our people.

You may be asking what I am getting too, here it is.

I am for not only releasing the guards from thier military service with dishonorable discharge, but I would also consider the possibility of handing them over to the Iraqi government (once its solidified) and let them try them for crimes against thier own people.

Now, I know I am going to get flack, but honestly, we would expect anyone that violated our people’s rights to be extradited here and face trial, why wouldn’t we do that for other countries?

Oh, and don’t fool yourself, you all know if that did happen to our citizens, everyone would clamor for the people at fault to be shipped over here and tried.

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