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Year 1

Share List Today (March 13th) marks the year anniversary date that I came out to my husband as trans. While all the signs told me…

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Testosterone (Part 1 of many)

Share List Disclaimer: One important note, I am talking here about my experience, everyone experiences sex and hormones differently and this post is by no…

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Some mornings are just rough

Share List Some mornings are great, some mornings are rough. It is just the way it is. First, let me say that I am quite…

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First Day

Share List I finished my first day of work as 100% out and to be honest things went far better than expected. Of course I…

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Starting new job tomorrow, so much stress

Share List I start my new old job tomorrow and I have been on high alert all weekend. I have an advantage that I know…

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Liberty, WA “Ghost Town” (gallery)

Share List Type: Ghost Town/Abandoned location Location: Liberty, Washington Date: September 9, 2017 We ended up driving through Liberty, WA on our way home from…

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I went back.

Share List It is official, I start back at the job I left in September¬†for concerns about transphobia next Monday (March 4, 2019) . The…

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Officially Published!

Share List The book that Wolsey and I were writing called “Accidentally Gay: The True Love Story When a Wife Becomes a Husband” is finished…

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Didn’t expect this

Share List Since I started my transition back last spring I have tried clothing for my chest wear such as a camisole, or other garments….

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Risk Tolerance and Aversion

Share List   One of the unexpected results of being on estrogen and testosterone blockers (spirolactone in my case) was the change in my risk…

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