Personal Revelation

A few months ago, my wife mentioned she thought my beliefs sounded a lot like Deism. Up until that point I had only heard of deism in the fact that several of our founding fathers of this country were deists.

Since then I have done a lot of research. Looked through the various christian religions, asian religions (including buddhism and hinduism), and even have done a bit of research on Judaism and Islam.

After months of looking around I think the wife was right. I think I am a deist. I do believe there is a god, I don’t believe any organized religion to date has it right (they are mostly hypocrites), I also am horrified that many religious people totally ignore science and instead refer to a book (that is a good guide of conscious in some cases) that has stolen many of its stories from other religions (such as Noah was actually a Babylonian Myth in the Epic of Gilgamesh that was written 2000 years before the bible) and that many many of the parts of the bible contradict each other.

I do believe both scientific reason and god can coexist. I do believe that like science says with the law of conservation that things are not destroyed they just change (meaning I do believe there is more to our lives then right here right now, just have no idea what to believe will happen after we die, but unlike many religions say about science, that science does not say there is no afterlife, just no way to know what it is).

The biggest specific reason I think I am deist is the belief that a “revealed religion” is not accurate. The reason for this is a revealed religion (christianity, buddhism, etc) is not direct from god, rather a revelation happened to a person and that HUMAN passed on the information to other humans. We have all played the game telephone and with just a few people the message changes drastically. I do believe personal revelation is the only way, on top of this I believe that this revelation needs to coexist with science. I do believe god shows his wonders through our environment, biology, chemistry. Many religious people I know kind of dismiss this in favor of miracles (which can happen, I am not saying they don’t) but just the fact that plants can live off the sun is a miracle itself, but the miracle can be explained, just because I can explain the process of photosynthesis does not make it non-god or not miraculous, rather it just shows the power of a creator to create such a hugely vast universe. The entire universe is a giant miracle, but it being a creation does mean it still has its own laws and effects, and that science is the way to determine how god operates.

The biggest gift god ever gave us was Reason. To not use reason and instead you follow dogma someone else told you to do is a lack of use of god’s greatest gift. Reason needs to be applied in all context, if someone tells you a message from god that does not meet reason, then more then likely in my belief, that person is misguided at the least and at the most is intentionally distracting you for some other reason (usually to get you to give them money or do something they want).

I feel a huge rant coming (as can be seen by my orderly post getting more and more unorderly). I will stop now, just reaffirm that I do think I am a deist.

Also a warning, in the future I will be posting some of my arguments against religions. Everyone is welcome to respond (or not read if you got a thin skin), I just ask if you debate with me, you do it in a polite manner and try and use sources, I generally wont accept a response of “well my pastor told me”, don’t rely on your religious leader, I suggest you do your own research, even if you have the same beliefs after the research, at least then you can feel more secure in your beliefs because you looked into them yourselves instead of relying on one of the parasites that calls themselves a minister/priest/pastor.

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