Dream: Do something for us

I woke up this morning with a dream that spanned most of the night, even with waking up multiple times. I had to think about it, so a lot of it has disappeared but here is what I remember. The dream is in blue, my commentary is normal black.

I was sitting around a house, the hubby was there and we were talking with some people. A woman sat down next to me, younger but not teen or early early twenties. We were talking and she led me to another part of the house. At first the room looked like our bedroom in our downstairs apartment on Unity Street.

It wasn’t really a bedroom when we lived in it in real life, it was a old living room with a picture window, but the way the house had been cut into apartments it became our bedroom.

There were a couple of couches spread across the room and she sat with me. She was chatting and flirting with me. We sat there talking for awhile and she introduced me to her other friends there (both men and women, and all younger than me, but once again older than their teens/early twenties). They were all very friendly and they seemed to be close with each other.

Time seemed to progress, a couple other girls and a boy were flirty, but they were all concerned about something. I asked them what was wrong and some sort of issue with another group. They all seemed nice, but were never clear about what they needed or what was happening. They seemed to like me, the flirty got a little more hands on, but something about it bothered me and didn’t go too far. I stopped and focused on trying to know who these people were and what they needed.

Something about them hit my need to protect someone, but it was weird enough I wanted to know why I felt that way. They were all younger than me, and while they recognized I was older they were friendly in that “he is just a big dog we picked up in the streets” way. Like I was an adopted stray. It was weird.

They kept approaching me, encouraging me to be intimate with them. However, I was bothered by it. They were ok with it, they didn’t react badly at all and were even vocally ok and asked me to do it. But they didn’t seem interested. It bothered me, so I didn’t try to do anything more, which seemed to throw them off. The conversation kept going, and they kept talking about everyone needs to do something specific, they wanted my help but still weren’t clear about what it was. As a side note, I never found my clothes again, and I spent the rest of the dream wondering where they hell my clothes were.

At some point there was a large hole in the living room floor, it was lit up and I never could tell what was down at the bottom (or maybe I don’t remember). A lot of the people were standing around it (maybe it was a well or pool) and when I was looking down (or attempting to) I put my arm out in front of a young lady who was also there. She looked like she was going to fall in when she was leaning over.

Evidently that was strange to them. They kept asking me why would I do that? Why was I worried for them, and that it wasn’t a big deal. At first I wrote it off as youthful thinking, but it just seemed odd. I kept thinking about it and that bothered me a lot, why wouldn’t I be a bit protective and want to make sure someone didn’t get hurt? The whole time they kept asking me if I would do something for them. I still could never make out exactly what they were saying when they mentioned the actual thing they wanted done.

Little conversations happened when I saw my hubby step out of another bedroom, he was buttoning his shirt and pants back on and I went over to see him. A cute guy was smiling from the other side of the door and I gave him a friendly wave. I turned to my hubby and asked where he was going and what he was doing. He stopped and looked up at me and said he couldn’t tell me. He was going to do something for the group but he couldn’t tell me. That floored me. I was so confused and I asked again and he said something about how I know I can’t ask. We have to keep it to ourselves.

It really bothered me a lot. That is when I was positive no matter what this was a bad place. Jello (hubby) has never kept anything from me, even if would hurt me or make me upset (and the same in return). Not at any point in time in our 25 year marriage (to my knowledge) has he said that. I woke up so angry, not at the hubby, just that the group were assholes, angry I felt protective over them, and wondering what the fuck that dream was about.

Ya, I know it was a bit of a weird dream. I am trying to keep recording these and so I suspect you will get lots of bits of weirdness from me and definitely TMI.

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