Dreams Again

I woke up from another bizarre dream. It wasn’t a bad or horrible dream, just a strange dream.

I dreamed I got hired (while still going to school) at this furniture/prop making company. I got the impression we made props for movies (but I got other impressions later). It was a strange little company, they had no outside advertising, no big signs, nothing. After getting hired on the spot (I just walked in to fill out an application) I noticed that outside teh building was a huge pit of white powder (no I didnt think it was coke). I went out and was looking at it when some local neighborhood kids started riding thier bikes through it. The management freaked out about contamination (yet it was just sitting in the open it in open air). They kicked the kids out.

I went back inside, I still hadn’t heard how much I am making, I wondered back and forth and no one would tell me what we make, yet they were concerned I might not be happy. I got the blowoff by the guys in charge for awhile (I just wandered aimlessly). The big boss said hi and said the line I would be working on sometimes has female movie stars come in (to pick up furniture, or to work or what I didnt know). I then got told that they wouldn’t because we would be moving the next day.

When asked why, they said they were moving the building to a new location (I also found out that as they used the “white product” they had to move thier kitchen around so as it got used up, the kitchen got moved closer to areas that had the supplies. They told me that the female stars wouldnt be coming because they were not telling anyone where they were moving. I also realized that most of the people who worked at this small building actually lived there as well.

I became concerned I would have to live there as well. I then met Nathan (Zath from my clan) he was cool, he worked there and said it was an ok place. Then my new bosses told me I could choose to work 2 10 hour days, or 2 14 hour days but only monday through friday to pick from. I got worried because I still went to my current classes and wasn’t sure if I could arrange that around my classes.

Then my alarm clock woke me up this morning (I am getting up early to wake my little brother up to go to work.

Yes it was a strange dream, but the reason I am writing it down is that it was startling clear dream, very focused and very detailed. Strange……

Other then that, I have to get up, start on my lab for Ada and at least make an attempt before I give up 🙂

Have a good day.

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