Tonight at 12:15am the wife and I were awoke to the pleasant sounds of two guys giving a boot party to a third guy. During this boot party, they were screaming “Where is my money!”.

My first gut instinct is to go outside and yell at them to leave him alone, but a more pragmatic suggestion was given to me by my wife. She suggested we just call the cops. So I get on the phone and call the cops. I am still a little disorientated, the dream I was having evidently had implemented some of the yelling so it took me a few seconds to get the situation out for the cops.

The hubby suggested before I finish to make it anonymous. So I told the dispatcher I would like to make it anonymous. The dispatcher then asked if they could call me back on the cell phone instead. Of course I agreed to that, I hate seeing anyone hurt and I have no problem talking to the cops, just not in front of my neighbors (whom I believe it was at least the boot partiers, if not also the boot party receiver.

I climb in bed, almost fall asleep (all members of the boot party had either driven or walked off by now). We do get two rings on my phone from a “private” number but they hang up before we can answer it. This bodes no well. 5 minutes later just as I almost fall back asleep there is slamming on my door. It takes me a few seconds (and much more slamming by those outside) and I answer it.

What do I see? THREE COPS!!!! The first thing they said loudly, “You called the cops right?”. I was so pissed, quietly I whispered “This is supposed to be anonymous”. There are three cops, and the one right in front of me eyes get big, he looked like he felt bad immediately, the other two cops (both a lot older then the cop in front of me) didn’t seem to concerned. I told them it was supposed to be anonymous and I don’t really want to deal with shit from my neighbors (but I told them to call me on my cell phone if there is an issue).

God that makes me fucking pissed. Although I am less worried about it then the wife. Sure I can get my ass kicked by two people just like anyone else, but people tend to leave me alone. Also I doubt anything will be done to our car, but I do worry about that a bit more. Last thing I need is neighbors fucking with my car.

Either way, I would do it again. It probably is a better option to call the cops then to step out and get involved, and there is no way I can ignore it, no matter what the cost to me I can’t just ignore two people continously kicking somone that is on the ground. 

I also doubt there will be much of a problem, everyone had left the scene, and I couldn’t identify any of the people (we live quite a bit up and away). I might be able to identify the car (but I can’t be sure until tomorrow).

I hate seeing my wife so stressed.

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