Stress and Anxiety

I am tired, not sure how to be more specific  then just tired all over. I think I have been burning my candles on both sides too often.

My wonderful wife is going through some stressful times at school. My parents have their normal money stress, which then adds to my money stress. My work is going great, but is full of stress as well. Finally, been having my own mental stress (a lot of body dysmorphic issues, and self worth questions). Also a bit of stress with output for new feline friend and for having to start paying student loans again.

Don’t get me wrong, my life is going well. I am making a decent living. I have an incredibly loving wife. Hell, I even have a cat that I think likes me :). We do have a good chunk of credit card debt, even after I get my tax return, but its nothing we can’t handle and still live fairly well.

I have been meditating recently (using the butsudan) trying to get a handle on this. It does work a bit, and I suspect once stress from the other portions of my life subsides it will get easier. The hemorrhage of money has also stopped so there isn’t that stress anymore. Also back to gaming regularly, that always helps with stress.

I do have to say at least I am not sick anymore, I was sick for several weeks and it really sucked. I feel tired, but fairly healthy. I am hoping this means the stress and mental anxiety is on its way down.

I figure within a month or so the bills will be under control, my stress will be lessened and I may even be larping again, as a player this time. I am probably going to hide in the house for most of the month, recover and then start again.

I am very grateful to have such a supporting wife, things would be a lot harder without her.

One thought on “Stress and Anxiety

  1. It has been the roughest winter for our household, too. Flus, colds, you name it has plagued our house since November.
    Corey went out to practice finally this weekend. I don’t know if it was the sunshine or beating people with foam swords, but he came back with color in his cheeks.
    Let’s hope spring comes in a hurry!


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