Day 5 Atlanta

This is me this morning with no caffeine. Beware when I am un-caffeinated. I wasn’t even in a bad mood.

Today was a quiet day as well. I was incredibly tired when I woke up (haven’t gotten even more normal sleep since I got here) and as evidenced by my picture evidently I was in a mood (although I didn’t feel mad).

After class I walked down to the local Rite Aid. As I was walking down the street I noticed what seemed to be a difference between Pacific NW and Atlanta. People don’t smile and nod to each other when they walk by. Not a single person did that on my mile and a half round trip acknowledged what would normally get a smile or nod back home.

Now, first of all I recognize I am a big ole white boy and my size intimidates people, but usually if I can catch their glance and smile at them I can see a smile come to them. It very well could have been that, but it surprised me a lot. I think the surprise was underlined by the extremely nice reaction I get to people inside buildings (hotels, restaurants, etc).

Also I was fortunate, a person who follows both this blog and the accidentally gay suggested two LGBT places to visit this weekend (I would mention his name, but I didn’t ask if that was ok). The places are Joe’s on Juniper’s and Cowtipper. I might go to the aquarium and then drop by one of these places just to check it out, if I don’t chicken out..

I am not used to being part of a community that reaches out like that. It is really great feeling.


Author: agirlushouldknow

A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 29+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).

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