Zombie Animals and Old Acquaintances

Last night I had a long dream. It lasted what seemed most of the night and veered from weird zombie animal dreams into one that had an old acquaintance.

It started out strange enough. I was on a boat and I was some sort of small animal. There were a few other animals and we all knew something else was on board (I think I might have been a cat, I was bigger then the rat and the raccoon seemed bigger then me). The animals slowly got bitten by something else, turning into undead animals (maybe I got this idea from the PH game I had run with an undead rat), and we kept hoping to reach port so we could get off the boat. This part of the dream ended when the boat had docked, unfortunately something had bitten me, and I scurried off the boat, hurting, in pain, and looking for escape.

The dream then went to me, heresyoftruth, and another female (it seemed maybe finnegwyn, but then it seemed like an old friend named Karma, it was sort of hazy). We were coming outside of a Kmart and I was driving around one of those electric wheelchair/carts that grocery stores offer. The other two were walking alongside and we were joking around. We ended up going to a Denny’s restaurant. I do not know if I was of an age when I knew Karma or if it was current day (I never really feel that different now as opposed to when I was younger, except I don’t like to stay out late).

The dream then shifted, we were still at the restaurant, heresyoftruth was there, finnegwyn might have been there, but there was another person there. It was someone who was a friend at one point named Aaron. He was in the navy when we last knew him (but we heard he left it shortly after his first tour). He was talking to us, and the wife and I were joking about not having kids and he was offended. He went on about how his was at the “gurgling” stage, the wife and I were a little weirded out. He had never wanted kids in reality and it was just strange to hear him going on. We asked where he was living now, and he said on a naval base on an island off of Texas.

I woke up for some reason, around 0400. It is probably because of anxiety due to waiting on job possibilities. Also for some reason that dream just got me thinking about a lot of things. I knew the dreams were interconnected because as a cat I somehow had known I was getting off on a dock in Texas, it probably wasn’t exactly connected, but it also was a gut feeling, as if a prologue was occuring.

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