PT: Hubby gets revenge

Project Throwback: April 14, 2013

It is uncommon for the hubby to get pictures of me. Especially pictures I am not aware of. Here is one of those, plus a second from same day (but I was aware of that).

That butt is “magically delicious” or at least that is what the PJs are saying.

The hubby decided on this day to take a couple of pictures of me. Evidently, he couldn’t get enough of my “Magically Delicious” butt with those Lucky Charm pajamas while he was working on his school work (this is before he came out).

8 years and 120+ lbs heavier ago.

He also got a pic of me later in the day getting tattoo work. Of course, this is all four+ years before I started to transition. I ended up losing that weight since then. I have no idea who the woman was though, and it was vaguely uncomfortable that my tattoo artist had her stay to watch. I was pretty dysphoric anyways (no one knew) and I hated who I was.

Image cropped so you don’t have to see my butt!

This picture is closer to what I look like about 18 months ago. I suspect it will look even different in four weeks after my Avelar Tummy Tuck and fat transfer as well next week.

By the way, I still love my tattoos, in fact I love them even more. The left arm tattoo has been filled out and vastly expanded into 1/2 to 2/3 sleeve as well.

4 thoughts on “PT: Hubby gets revenge

  1. The woman was someone that spent the night with the artist the night before and came down to spend time with him as he worked. I believe they dated briefly before he got tired of her “being a feminist.”


    1. Adding, you don’t even look like that at all anymore. You have a feminine shape, and your fat as redistributed and you don’t look like a guy, even from the back.


      1. Thank you. I logically know I look different, but I feel like I am just a linebacker in a skirt when my dysphoria kicks in.


    2. OMG, Now I remember who you are talking about. He was so offended that she wasn’t overwhelmed by his “badassness”. It was such an uncomfortable situation, I am glad you were there. I was so embarrassed and it helped to have you there to focus on.


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